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National census of start 100 years to see in photograph

Last update date June 11, 2020

The first national census carried out now in 1920 (Taisho 9) just 100 years ago was national big business for Japan which struggled aiming at joining a group of the European and American Great Powers.
We possess material called "national census memory record in Japan" which recorded conduct record at that time in Yokohama-shi statistics Information Systems Section.
At this opportunity, we introduce state and population data of Yokohama-shi of the Taisho era from historic and valuable material.

1.The title page of the materials

National census memory record in Japan

This material was issued in commemoration of the first national census carried out on October 1, 1920 (Taisho 9) in October, 1922 (Taisho 11).
By constitution of 3 separate volumes Vol. 1 significance and history, style of national census. Vol. 2 laws and ordinances about national census, data of all the countries of the world, investigation catechism. Photographs of head counter and public relations under Kanagawa are put in Vol. 3.

2.Commemorative stamp and commemorative picture postcard

Commemorative stamp and commemorative picture postcard

Commemorative stamp, big rectangle are designs of picture postcard square in corner on photograph.

It is the Emperor Jinmu that it is drawn on right picture postcard. Mythical crow (yatagarasu) shines and stops at point of bow to hold in the left hand. Is such thought that national census leads Japan to the bright future put?

The left picture postcard reduced report of national census and graphically designed. It is difficult, but modern fuuninaosuto, the following thing are written slightly finely to read letter.

  • We clarify the fact of national society and people's life, and there is national census if we make the basics of good government.
  • The date and time of investigation are 0:00 a.m. on October 1, 1920. As of midnight changing on October 1 from September 30.
  • There is investigation if we conduct a practical investigation into each one simultaneously nationwide.
  • What each family nurturer fills out report paper by 8:00 a.m. on October 1 and should submit to investigator.
  • Terms of reference are eight items according to according to (1) full name, position in (2) household, of (3) man and woman, time of (4) birth, relations of (5) mating, (6) occupation and occupational position, (7) birthplace, the citizen of (8) family register or nationality.

3.Advertising car of Kanagawa leaving in front of prefectural office

Advertising car of Kanagawa

Is it departure-style scenery?
Advertising car of Kanagawa where we put upbound flag of "national census" is in front of the prefectural office (current Naka Ward), and it stands in line.

Prefectural government building of photograph is different from prefectural government building called "tower of King" in design of building.
This was destroyed by fire by the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 (Taisho 12) three years later after the first national census was carried out in the old prefecture government building of the Taisho era.

4.Advertising tower of Kanagawa

Advertising tower which Kanagawa set up

It is huge advertising tower making think whether there will be 10 meters in height from size of passerby.
We publicize that "we are liable for report" in "national census".

Well, where is place where this photograph was photographed?

There is not concrete mention in materials, but building which seems to be "paths of Yokohama finger church" is seen distantly as railing and the inside of bridge.
From this, it is thought that probably it may be Yoshidabashi Bridge (and current Naka Ward goes the left hand Isezakicho, the right hand the Onoecho area).

5.Letter of appointment of the first head counter

Letter of the first head counter of appointment, commemorative chapter, badge

In the first national census, commemorative chapter (upper circle), badge (batch, circle below) were conferred other than letter of appointment from cabinet for investigator.
As for the commemorative chapter, figure which provincial governor in the leading others with a limitless virtue year has rolled drapery of family register in the hand, and stands is designed in outline of Chrysanthemum flower by badge (commemorative mark) as privilege of country.
We understand well that it was honor very much that becomes head counter only in this.

6.Souvenir picture of the first head counter of Yokohama-shi

Souvenir picture of the first head counter of Nishitobecho, Yokohama-shi

Head counters of Nishitobecho, Yokohama-shi (current Nishi Ward) stand in line by full dress dressed in crested kimono hakama and are satisfied in photograph.
Investigator of 1920 was honorary post, but the selection business understood (1) letter, and, abreast of (2) various relative phenomena and the sole absolute truth, it was person that there was (3) good reputation, and primary school teacher, blue annual convention secretary, Neighborhood Associations officer seem to have been appointed.
Investigation number of Yokohama-shi engaged in the first national census is recorded as there were 781 regular members, spare 200, 981 people in total.

7.Population of Yokohama-shi of the first national census

Population statistical table of population order city and district of the first national census

Information about photograph is result table according to cities and districts of the whole country of population as of October 1, 1920 when we added up in the first national census.
It was most Yokohama-shi for city of the whole country, but order at that time was the sixth place now.

  • 2,173,162 first place Tokyo City
  • 1,252,972 second place Osaka-shi
  • 608,628 third place Kobe-shi
  • 591,305 fourth place Kyoto-shi
  • 429,990 fifth place Nagoya-shi
  • 422,942 sixth place Yokohama-shi
  • 176,554 seventh place Nagasaki-shi
  • 160,504 eighth place Hiroshima-shi
  • 144,740 ninth place Hakodate wards
  • Tenth place Kure-shi    130,354 people

8.World big city and Yokohama-shi

Population ranking of world big city

Yokohama-shi was city of the 72nd place in the world

Population data of all the countries of the world are recorded in "memory record". Population general survey had been already carried out in world major country and came to be able to finally compare such an international in those days in Japan.
General view is on the first page (in photograph) and "Yokohama is there in the 72nd place" and is introduced to.
In page (photograph bottom) behind, we can identify order as population (1,000 units) of Yokohama-shi.
All the names of country are kanjis, and notation of our country becomes "empire". By the way, city "San Francisco" of the 73rd place in the house on the left of Yokohama-shi is current San Francisco.

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