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Masquerading as national census "talk, and please be careful about investigation" (suspicious telephone and visit)

Last update date September 18, 2020

Case that is going to get personal information (the name, Address, age, family constitution, receipt of pension , financial institution using, asset information) occurs with "national census" in the city.

With "we talk investigation"

  • With public statistics investigation including national census, we cheat questionnaire which we visit household and filled in and are illegal act to get family constitution of household on the telephone.
  • As not only you disturb conduct of statistics investigation, but also can lead to fraud and other crimes, please be careful.

Point not to encounter damage

1.We may not ask for national census by telephone and E-mail

  • As for asking for national census on the telephone, absolute.
  • Please be careful about suspicious telephone and E-mail, unidentified websites.
  • But, in the case of next, the staff of country, the prefecture, city or ward may call.
    • When we confirm to have any questions about entry contents after having had you submit questionnaire

2.National census does not have terms of reference about "income, deposit"

  • National census does not have item checking sums such as income or deposit.
  • In national census, we ask about password and credit card number of bank account and may not require money and goods.

3.Head counter always carries "identification of investigator"

  • Head counter investigating puts on "identification of investigator" and "armband" with photograph of the face in the body by all means.
  • When person who does not carry "identification of investigator" visits, we may pretend to be investigator.

Suspicious call when had a visit

Suspicious call thought to be "talk investigation" please consult with ward office (General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section) of house ino ward, city statistics Information Systems Section (045-671-4207), prefectural Statistics Center (045-312-1121) or the nearest police department without replying immediately when had a visit.

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