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Thank you for your announcement of national census - answer in 2020

Last update date October 21, 2020

Investigation into national census period was expired on October 20, 2020 in 2020.
Thank you for your understanding to investigation and cooperation.

  • Questionnaire which had you submit performs examination, check sequentially. When there are defects in entry contents, please note that you may do call of confirmation about entry contents from city, ward office.
  • Investigator visits household which answer does not finish and distributes documents asking for submission of questionnaire. I would like answer early sequentially as answer by mail is possible.

(related link) to person who does not finish 2020 national census answer yet

About announcement of the result of 2020 national census

  • After having examined entry leaks in the prefecture, city, ward, questionnaire submitted from household is sent to Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, and the number of population, the households according to the whole country, municipality (breaking news) is announced in June, 2021.
  • Afterwards, detailed results such as the situation of age-specific population and household, employment state are announced sequentially.
  • Published data are report and the Internet, and anyone can do reading, the use freely.
List of public announcements of main count result of 2020 national census
Count divisionMain count contentsRepresentation areaWe are going to announce
Population breaking news count

Men's and women's population, the number of the households (preliminary figure)

The whole country, the prefecture, municipalityJune, 2021
Population adds up basics

Population, household, result (confirmed report level) about house
The situation of foreigner, elderly person household, the mother and the child, father and son household, households such as living together of parent and child

The whole country, the prefecture, municipalityNovember, 2021
Employment states add up basicsWork force state of populationThe whole country, the prefecture, municipalityMay, 2022
Extraction details countIndustry, occupation subdivision classification constitution of employeeThe whole country, the prefecture, municipalityDecember, 2022
Count according to employment place, attending school placeBasic constitution of population by employment place, attending school placeThe whole country, the prefecture, municipalityJuly, 2022
Population moving countThe with transference situation of populationThe whole country, the prefecture, municipality

February, 2022
August, 2022

Subregion countCount about population, employment state, employment place, the attending school ground and moving populationTown, characterAfter the public announcements such as basic count immediately

Summary of national census

National census is carried out every five years to clarify the actual situation of domestic population, household, employment state by most important and basic statistics investigation of country.

National census 100 years logo

We count national census from 1920 (Taisho 9) when national census was carried out for the first time in our country in 2020 and are investigation of turning point of just 100 years.

Date of investigation

We carry out as of October 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2).

Subjects of survey

As of October 1, 2020 (Raiwa 2), it is household with all people (including foreigner) living in Japan.

Contents of investigation

  • About member of household

15 items including natal and another time of man and woman, presence of spouse, employment state, employment place or attending school place

  • About household

Number of members of household, type of household, type of house, four items of how to build houses

Distribution and answer method of investigation documents

  • We distribute investigation documents to all households where investigator is surveyed.
  • Answer to investigation can reply on the Internet from PC or smartphone.

The Internet answer (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau) (the outside site)

  • In addition, we can submit questionnaire of paper to mail submission or investigator directly.

The use of result of national census

Not only it is used as the basics information when country and local public entity push forward administrative measure, but also is utilized widely in private enterprise and university, various quarters including research organization, and result of investigation is made use of for people's life through such use.

  1. The use based on laws and ordinances

It is spent for standard of the House of Representatives mapping out of single-seat election constituencies delimitation, standard of the member of the metropolis and districts and the assembly of cities, towns, and villages fixed number, calculation standard of local allocation tax grants to local governments.

  1. The use as basic material of administrative measure

It is used for development of conduct and plan of the welfare measure, various measures in country and local public entity including living environment maintenance, disaster prevention measures widely.

  1. The arts and sciences, education, the use in the wide field including private enterprise

It is used for locations plans such as estimation of population, information for education about elementary and junior high school, demand prediction or store of company in scientific study, the future such as demography or economics.

From result of 2015 national census Yokohama-shi

Reference about national census

As reference varies according to contents having a problem, please be careful.

(1) About contents of investigation, answer method on the Internet, the way of entry of questionnaire

Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications national census call center (link)

(2) We want you to collect distribution, questionnaire of questionnaire

Ward office General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section (link)

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