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To questionnaire having difficulty in entry (foreigner, the seeing and hearing person with a disability, elderly person)

Last update date September 18, 2020

Barrier-free investigation that anyone is easy to answer

Including questionnaire by universal design, we work on maintenance of various support systems so that all people reply by yourself because national census is investigation for all people living in Japan.
Investigation documents are sent from the middle of September, but please use next support, support when entry to questionnaire is difficult.

  1. To weak eyesight, blind person
  2. Toward the hearing person with a disability
  3. To foreigner whom, Japanese cannot understand

1.To weak eyesight, blind person

Questionnaire of national census makes design that can read entry content with optical character reader (OCR) directly. This is to offer findings as soon as possible, but, on the other hand, therefore there is limitation in size and format of questionnaire, too.
Therefore, as questionnaire for assistance, we prepare "enlarged character questionnaire" and "Braille questionnaire".

Enlarged character questionnaire

  • We made it easy to increase letter of questionnaire, and to read.
  • You can fill in size to member of household 2 ostensible reason by A4 seal and can use even writing implements except pencil including ball-point pen.
  • If you like, of house ino wardWard officeWe send if you can contact this.
  • Person who can do printing (printout), please use PDF file of the following link.

(related link) enlarged character questionnaire (PDF file) (PDF: 202KB)

Braille questionnaire

  • We prepare questionnaire of Braille for blind person.
  • Size is set of "question paper" and "answer paper" by B5 seal. We offer "envelope for mail submission" for Braille questionnaire in total.
  • If you like, of house ino ward Ward officeWe send if you can contact this.

The Internet answer (sound-response electronic questionnaire) of blind person

  • By system of national census online, function to read letter aloud by sound is set other than function that can escalate letter.
  • As person that the Internet answer is hoped for guides exclusive site of "sound-response electronic questionnaire", of house ino wardWard officeWe pass, and please consult.
  • The following sound reading software is necessary to reply with electronic questionnaire.
    • PC: "PC-Talker"
    • Smartphone tablet: iPhone, iPad "Voice Over" Android terminal "TalkBack"

Substitute entry of questionnaire

  • We read contents of questionnaire aloud and hear answer on the spot, and substitution is method to fill in.
  • When because find distance that is enough on meeting with household from the viewpoint of prevention of infection of new coronavirus infectious disease, and intercom goes, and talk, and it is correspondence that avoid contact as much as possible, is hoped; of house ino wardWard officeWe pass, and please consult.

2.Toward the hearing person with a disability

Chat Help Desk

  • In Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau, we maintain inquiry window by chat format utilizing SNS.
  • Application tool is LINE (we acquire official account).
  • Official account is "secrecy" truly to correspond to person to need. For more details, please confirm in public relations magazines of hearing person with a disability group.

3.To foreigner whom, Japanese cannot understand

National census prepares questionnaire (parallel translation of questionnaire) of foreign language to apply to foreigner.

The Internet answer becomes multilingual correspondence (6 languages), too. We recommend the easy, convenient Internet answer that we can reply anytime for 24 hours if you have PC and smartphone.

In addition, is page of foreign language support (Language support) of national census 2020 general site, answer methods ※As 27 languages introduce, please see.

Foreign language support (Language support)

The Internet answer

  • Please refer to the next link for answer method on the Internet.

The Internet answer simple operation guide

The Internet answer simple operation guide (judging from video)

Questionnaire (parallel translation of questionnaire) of foreign language

  • So that foreigner understands purpose and entry method of national census, ※We prepare for "parallel translation of questionnaire" and "parallel translation of the way of entry of questionnaire" translated for 27 languages.
  • In reference to this, we can fill out Japanese questionnaire.
  • If you like, of house ino wardWard officeWe send if you can contact this. (when you do ※ call, please run with person who understand Japanese.)
  • As you can consider that you click lower link with PDF file every language, please use.

(related link) questionnaire (parallel translation of questionnaire) of foreign language (PDF file)

※27 languages

1.English, 2 Chinese, 3 Korean, 4 Vietnamese, 5 Portuguese, 6 Spanish, 7 language of firipino,...............Turkish, 23 Italian, 22 Indonesian, 21 Arabic, 20 Mongolian, 19 German, 18 Singhalese, 17 Russian, 16 Myanmarese, 15 Hindi, 14 Malay, 13 Bengali, 12 French, 11 Nepalese, 10 Thai, 9 8 is Romanian, 27 Urdu Persian, 26 Lao, 25 language of Khmer, 24.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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