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Flow, schedule of 2020 national census investigation

Last update date October 8, 2020

1.Confirmation of taking charge of area by head counter

  • We take charge, and head counter goes around area and confirms house and building, the residence situation of household so that there is not omission of investigation.

2.Distribution (from Monday, September 14) to all households of investigation documents

  • Head counter distributes investigation documents to all households.
  • Principle does not meet with household and distributes for being able to enter mailbox and the door post.
  • We distribute documents for the Internet answer and questionnaire of paper together.
  • We send by Wednesday, September 30 at the latest. (when even if it is past October 1, investigation documents do not arrive house ino wardWard officeYou pass, and please contact.)

3.Answer to investigation (until Wednesday, October 7)

We reply on the Internet (from September 14 to October 7)

  • We can reply at PC, smartphone you have, tablet terminal.
  • You input "login ID, access key" distributed to, and please reply on the Internet.
  • Sent answer data encrypt in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, and data are followed severely.

We submit questionnaire by mail (from October 1 to 7th)

  • As you handle by machine, please fill out with black pencil or mechanical pencil.
  • You put questionnaire in the envelope for mail submission, and please mail in mailbox. (stamp is unnecessary.)
  • Household which wish to collect questionnaire of house ino wardWard officeYou pass, and please contact.

4.Confirmation of answer

Distribution (the beginning of October) of "do you finish answer to investigation?"

  • We put "do you finish answer to investigation?" in the mailboxes, and head counter distributes to all households.

Redistribution (after the middle of October) of questionnaire to non-submission household

  • Head counter puts questionnaire in the mailboxes again and distributes to households which cannot confirm submission of questionnaire by time limit.
  • As "you ask of submission of questionnaire" (reminder) and distribute questionnaire, envelope for mail submission, please submit by mail.
  • As delivery, rearranging takes time in the case of mail submission and may miss each other, forgive.

(page concerned) to person who does not finish 2020 national census answer yet

5.Confirmation, count of questionnaire

  • All questionnaires are collected in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau after city confirmed omission of entry or entry error of questionnaire and are added up in incorporated administrative agency Statistics Center.

Inquiry about national census

National census call center (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Statistics Bureau)

When you do not know contents of investigation, the way of entry, please refer.

National census call center
Phone numberNavigator dial: 0570-07-2020
IP telephone: 03-6636-9607
Reception hoursFrom 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. (can take advantage of Saturday, Sundays and holidays, too.)
Establishment periodFrom September 7, 2020 (Raiwa 2) to November 30
Available languageJapanese, Chinese, Korean, English, Vietnamese, Spanish, Portuguese, Thai, Nepalese, firipino words, Indonesian

※The whole country is city telephone rate uniformly, and, in the case of general landline, call charge of navigator dial is available. In the case of cell-phone, it is predetermined call charge.
※Call charge of IP telephone is predetermined call charge.

Ward office (General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section)

Please refer to the following case including lack of investigation documents.

  • When even if it is past October 1, investigation documents do not arrive
  • When, in more than five households, questionnaire is not enough
  • When survey by other households documents living together in duplex houses are not distributed
  • When you want questionnaire (enlarged character questionnaire, Braille questionnaire, parallel translation) of foreign language questionnaire (questionnaire) for assistance
  • When we lost investigation documents and we were damaged and have been damaged
  • When we want you to collect questionnaire which you filled in
Ward office (General Affairs Division Statistics and Elections Section)
WardPhone numberFaxWeb page of ward
Aoba Ward045-978-2205


Asahi Ward045-954-6012


Izumi Ward045-800-2315


Isogo Ward045-750-2316


Kanagawa Ward045-411-7014


Kanazawa Ward045-788-7712


Announcement of 2020 national census (Kanazawa Ward)
Konan Ward045-847-8308


Kohoku Ward045-540-2213


Sakae Ward045-894-8315


Seya Ward045-367-5615


About conduct of 2020 national census
Tsuzuki Ward  045-948-2215


Tsurumi Ward045-510-1660


On the Internet that answer to national census is convenient, and is safe!
Totsuka Ward045-866-8315


About conduct of 2020 national census
Naka Ward045-224-8116


Nishi Ward045-320-8314


Hodogaya Ward045-334-6206


Midori Ward045-930-2212


Minami Ward045-341-1227



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Telephone: 045-671-4207

Telephone: 045-671-4207

Fax: 045-663-0130

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