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Main statistics findings

Last update date March 14, 2019

You can see findings of main nucleus statistics (the outside site) including national census.

Main statistics findings
Investigation nameKnow from this investigationHaving data or not according to town and village
National censusPopulation (the age-specific municipalities), the number of the households, work force state, lunch nighttime populationExistence
House, land statistics investigationStructure, type of house, consciousness for house, living environmentNothing
Economic general survey - basics investigationThe number of the number of the offices in areas of all offices, industrial, scales, the employeesExistence
Economic general survey - activity investigationActivities in areas of all offices, industrial, scalesExistence
Office, company statistics investigationIncluding the number of office number, employees in areas of all offices, industrial, scales (shift to economic general survey)Existence
Industrial statistics investigationThe actual situation (manufactured items such as the number of the offices, the amount of shipment) of manufacturing industryExistence
Commercial statistics investigationThe commercial actual situation such as the distribution situation, sales activities of commercial officeExistence
Agricultural and forestry censusBasic matters about agriculture and forestry businessExistence
School basics investigationBasic matters about schoolNothing
Employment structure basics investigationInvestigate the actual situation of employment of the nation and non-employment, basic matters about employment structure according to the whole country and areaNothing
National survey on consumptionStandard, structure, distribution to affect consumption, income, assets of household according to the whole country and areaNothing

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