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2019 Water Works Bureau financial statements summary

Summary of 2019 Yokohama-shi water supply business accounts and water for industrial use way business accounts financial statements (preliminary figure)

Last update date July 16, 2020

Water supply business: As for the rate income, decrease, net profit of 800 million yen are 5.2 billion yen of 21 okuengen

Point of financial statements (preliminary figure)

Water supply business accounts

By decrease in rate income, net profit is decrease of 2.1 billion yen

Water rate income decreased by 800 million yen in comparison with last year excluding tax, and it was 63.8 billion yen by decrease in use quantity of water.
On the other hand, net profit became 5.2 billion yen of 2.1 billion yen decrease in comparison with last year as non-personnel expenses increased expenditure by approach for update and disasters such as rate online systems.
In addition, the accumulation fund remainder was 19.2 billion yen of 600 million yen decrease by aggravation of the fund income and expenditure accompanied with decreases in profit in comparison with last year.

The situation (unit: hundred million Japanese yen) of the income and expenditure
  Former year 2018 The increase and decrease
Water rate income 638 646 -8
Net profit 52 73 -21
The accumulation fund balance 192 198 -6
The company bonds balance 1,524 1,539 -15

Change of water rate income

Change of water rate income

The company bonds balance reduces to 152.4 billion yen of 1.5 billion yen decrease

We will think that the company bonds balances increase in future to utilize company bonds for resources of facility update expense to increase positively more than before. Therefore, the company bonds balance of the present tried for reduction as much as possible, and it was 152.4 billion yen of 1.5 billion yen decrease in comparison with last year.

Water for industrial use way business accounts

We decrease slightly in rate income and net profit

As for the water rate income for industry, 2.6 billion yen, net profit were 740 million yen.

The company bonds balances decrease to 2.72 billion yen

The company bonds balance was 2.72 billion yen of 40 million yen decrease by approach of the balance reduction including issuance restraint in comparison with last year.

The situation (unit: hundred million Japanese yen) of the income and expenditure
  Former year 2018 The increase and decrease
Water rate income for industry 26.0 26.5 -0.5
Net profit 7.4 8.7 -1.3
The accumulation fund remainder 42.4 44.0 -1.6
The company bonds balance 27.2 27.6 -0.4

Main business that we carried out in former year

Heavy rain measures business in water supply facility

In addition to past large-scale earthquake measures, we started heavy rain measures business to comprise for damage such as the earth and sand disaster or the river flooding caused by heavy rain and typhoon to make tough. In 2019, we investigated assumption of heavy rain damage in water intake facilities and measures and considered and constructed prevention of inundation of 5 facilities including pumping station where there was a threat of the inundation by floods in facility.
We devise restoration plan at the time of heavy rain damage occurrence to work on damage prevention of the inundation caused by collapse and the river flooding of steep slope continuously in the future, and to make possible early restoration when damage occurs by any chance.

Redevelopment of Nishiya water purification plant

We work on redevelopment that Nishiya water purification plant strengthens correspondence to odor by algae of Sagamiko that is earthquake resistance and water source of filtration pond and enables gross quantity processing of Sagamiko system water rights quantity of water.
In 2019, it rose in the whole most suitable viewpoint about headrace, clean water processing facility, drainage processing facility and devised basic plan of the whole redevelopment business based on maintenance plan that examined stability of cost-effectiveness and water supply, maintenance characteristics from various angles.
In addition, maintenance technique utilizes technique and know-how to have of private business person by adoption of DB and DBO method based on specialty of construction. In this way, we can expect shortening and operating cost reduction for term of works, too.
In addition, maintenance expense anticipates around 100 billion yen in total.

※1 DB method: It is method to place an order for design (Design) and enforcement (Build) in a lump.
※2 DBO methods: In addition to design (Design) and enforcement (Build), it is method that administration (Operate) places an order for in a lump.

Maintenance object and maintenance technique

The conclusion of introduction and 3 city cooperation agreements to model district of smart meter

We installed smart meter in about 460 households of model districts (around Tookaichibacho, Midori-ku area) and worked on communication tests. It starts from-like constant o October, 2020 of rate by this.
As it becomes problem as for the smart meter that price is around 10 times large amount than conventional products, conclude cooperation agreement in 3 cities of big city Channel business entity (Tokyo, Osaka-shi, Yokohama-shi), and consider about utilization plan to improvement in streamlining and service of business, and of price by commonization of specifications of meter work on reducing the cost.

※Smart meter: Water meter of multifunctional model such as being able to send inspection of a meter data unlike conventional water meter reading quantity of water by viewing by radio

Smart meter
Figure of image of data communication with smart meter

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