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Announcement about mention of date of documents accompanied with change of an era

With becoming the new name of an era from May 1, we will tell about the handling of dates such as various submission documents.

Last update date April 26, 2019

Documents to submit to Motoichi

When the old name of an era (Heisei) is printed by styles such as applications, we make modifications and are available. In addition, we can fill in either of the name of an era, the Christian era on date.

Documents which Motoichi issued

When date and the year after May 1 are listed by the old name of an era (Heisei), please read in the new name of an era (Reiwa).
(example) May 1, 2019 → May 1, 2019
   2019 → 2019

※Please refer to post in charge of the documents concerned for mention contents and entry method of documents.

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