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2016 Election Administration Commission Secretariat budget summary

Last update date February 15, 2019

Election costs

28, Heisei fiscal budget: 1,857,219,000 yen
27, Heisei fiscal budget: 1,868,659,000 yen
The amount of increase and decrease (28, Heisei fiscal budget - 27, Heisei fiscal budget): -11.44 million yen

Main business outline
Explanation The amount of budget (unit: 1,000 yen)
The staff personnel expenses 704,830
Board of elections costs 137,004
Budget 16,612
Election regular enlightenment costs 16,044
Bright election promotion operating cost 16,556
Sea region fishery adjustment Committee committee member election costs 2,223
Member of the House of Councilors election costs 963,950

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