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The making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs

Last update date February 4, 2021

With the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs

Promotion costs made with a certain unit-related ward in 1994,

  1. Budget to raise independence of ward office as local general administration
  2. Budget that supports local needs precisely, and can promote the making of a certain unit-related ward
  3. Budget that is regional, and is individual, and can support urgent needs quickly
  4. Budget that it is independent, and staff of ward office can participate in

We did this and planned improvement of budget of ward as part of functional enhancement of ward.

We added to the execution by individual business units distributed to by the foundation of the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs by station and developed plural number business to have association generally and came to be able to carry out business based on discretion, inventive idea of ward oneself.

In addition, it was familiar to business and citizen who supported civic local action and it deserved to be that ward did approach with characteristic based on local individuality and planned expansion of ward budget from thought that big thing could expect business effect again in solution to problem with regionality.

Flow (figure) of compilation of the budget of ward office (PDF: 212KB)

Constitution of the making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs

"The making of a certain unit-related ward promotion costs" are organized as Civic Affairs Bureau budget and are constructed as follows.

Self planning operating cost

Operating cost to also support local imminent needs carefully quickly

Unification desk work operating cost

Expense to modify issuance of each public information Yokohama ward version and each citizen of words and cities consultation, activity, social security such as the young people instructors and family register, resident registration

Use of ward government building, inhabitant of a ward facility management fee

Expense to affect management administration such as use of inhabitant of a ward facilities such as ward government building, district center

Ward administration promotion costs

Expense to affect contact adjustment with appointment staff personnel expenses and ward office in the ward office fiscal year

Page of budget of each ward

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