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[video] We interview high school student! We answered question of vote!

Last update date April 1, 2020

Image which we told that we released video which interviewed high school student

About this business

We performed interview about vote and election to high school student (in those days) and produced video which replied in QA format by contents which I received question from on this occasion. As young man with similar question watches this video and it dissolves and we think that it is a chance to usually think about vote and election and made questions even a little, please see by all means.

[image, sound processing]
・We interviewed high school student (in those days) and actually shot video.
・Picture adopts animation of "leopard" to consider personal information of high school student (in those days), and interview video processes sound.

Introduction of cooperation school

We had following two schools cooperate while including point of view of sovereign education on shooting this interview video. Thank you very much.
・Tachido, Yokohama-shi mound High School
・Yokohama City Yokohama synthesis high school (the order of the kana syllabary)

List of videos


Q: I do not go for election. Well, as I do not think that we change with only one vote (result).
A: We think so. But we are a big help when one vote piles up. In addition, vote is to case which election is decided on in "lottery" at the time of same number.

For example, in same Kanagawa, lot actually determined election in Sagamihara-shi congressist election (Chuo-ku electoral district) in nationwide local elections of the execution on April 7, 2019.
[reference: Sagamihara-shi homepage] (the outside site)


Q: We know, but how should person with the popularity know person who is not so (in candidates)?
A: We are seen on the Internet by "election bulletin" which policy of candidate was published in.

Election bulletin is document which we published full name, career, the political views of candidate in, and board of elections (as for the election of Diet member, Governor of Kanagawa and member of prefectural assembly as for the election of the prefecture, The Mayor of Yokohama and member of city assembly city) issues.
Election bulletin prints after accepting manuscript from each candidate after public announcement day (or notification day) and distributes each household expectation within two days before election day. As you publish in homepage of board of elections of origin of issuance as soon as you are ready, please utilize.


Q: How long do young people go for vote?
A: As turnout in its twenties is half only in degree in comparison with overall turnout ten generations, please send voice by vote by all means!

Turnout in Yokohama-shi of April 7, 2019 execution nationwide local elections (Kanagawa governor's race) was 41.91%. 19 years old is in a state that 22.76% and turnout particularly in its twenties fall much below average in all generations as for 29 years old from 22.02%, 25 years old as for 24 years old from 35.40%, 20 years old from 18 years old soon. Please send voice of everybody by vote!

[reference: on the 18th vote participation situation investigation (April 7, 2019 execution nationwide local elections)]


Q: By the way, in the first place where should we go to for vote?
A: Polling place is elementary school near house. At the time of election, please see mailed "information for vote".

We install polling place in the city 630 in Yokohama-shi. As polling place is decided in board of elections of each ward when election is held, you have you confirm the latest information on "information for vote" or homepage mailing to each household in the case of election, and come to polling place by all means.

[reference: method of vote]

[reference: on July 21, 2019 list of polling places of the execution Member of the House of Councilors ordinary election]
[reference: on July 21, 2019 early vote of the execution Member of the House of Councilors ordinary election]


Q: It is image to take great time before we vote after arriving at polling place
A: As you can do it from reception desk to vote in several minutes, at first, do you not perform for vote?

As we introduce flows from reception desk in polling place to vote on homepage, please see.
In addition, depending on time, please note that you may have you line up in reception desk.
(comment of video assumes case deciding voting destination beforehand.)

[reference: method of vote]


Q: From what time to what time can election vote?
A: On election day, it is from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. In addition, there is "early vote" that can vote beforehand.

As we open polling place from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on election day on that day, I would like vote by all means. In addition, please see the latest information on "information for vote" or homepage mailing to each household on real election as early vote varies according to type and setting places of each election.

[reference: on July 21, 2019 the execution Member of the House of Councilors ordinary election]


Q: We want to go for election if they become 18 years old, but people in circumference do not want to go for election. How do all come to go for election?
A: Consciousness of all may change when we talk about election. Please widen the ring!

According to the public awareness investigation "the 18th vote participation situation investigation", ratios that it was replied, "we were unconcerned too much" as we are 29 years old, and "there was important plan from election including job" from 18 years old particularly in that replied, "we did not vote" for election or exceed 50% in total. At first, everybody being immediate or local thing have interest, and let's go for vote on election by all means!

[reference: on the 18th vote participation situation investigation (April 7, 2019 execution nationwide local elections]


Q: We heard that you must not get a wrong name at the time of vote even a little, but is it not good particularly?
A: For example, please write exactly as important one vote becomes invalid when there was candidate of the similar name when we cannot distinguish.

Effect of vote is decided by Public Officers Election Act Article 67 or Article 68, but as it may become invalid when it is hard to confirm candidate names, you use "full name notice" posted on mention stand of polling place and ask you to list in ballot exactly.


Q: When you heard from father, but must not say that it is person who voted, is it true?
A: Ballot secrecy is guaranteed by law. And it is wonderful to talk about election with father.

In the Constitution of Japan "ballot secrecy in election must not invade all this. Elector has question of responsibility about the choice publicly personally saying it is not fine. In addition, it is said, "we do not have a duty to state full name of eligible person who voted of elector or name of political party or other political organizations or abbreviation many people." in the Public Officers Election Act.


Q: We think that we improve more (turnout) so that young person votes if, for example, you become able to vote even with net.
A: Then it is convenient. But there are difficult problems such as spoofing or data manipulation to come true.

According to "society report about improvement policies of vote environment" of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, it is considered in "the overseas ballot system" in national election by utilizing the Internet, to improve vote environment.
[reference: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage] (the outside site)
[reference: about overseas election]


Q: Vote of going even if is in house because is too much hassle, is vote thing which it is possible for?
A: On the day vote in polling place is principle, but there is "early vote" that can vote beforehand.

About method of vote, it is principle that votes in polling place on election day on that day.
But method that can vote by the day before of election day includes early vote or absentee vote system. Please use to your circumstances. In addition, we hope that you can confirm the latest situation as procedure may be necessary beforehand when we use.
[reference: in early vote (ballot box directly mailing)]
[reference: absentee vote by mail]
[reference: vote in facilities such as Hospital, nursing home]


Q: What kind of process would mechanism called election be created through?
A: As it is difficult to talk about with all the nations, we decide representative in election and the representatives gather and perform politics.

For example, what we decide to vary including imminent problem including setting, anti-disaster measures and environmental problem of school and carry out is necessary when we live. It is called "direct democracy" all the nations gather, and to argue, but it is difficult on this occasion to carry out practically. Therefore, including Japan, system called "representative democracy" to entrust representative whom the nation chose in election in many countries with politics is adopted. In election of Japan, it was carried out as "limited election" in "the first member of the House of Representatives general election" carried out in 1890 under Great Japanese Imperial Constitution. Original elective franchise is considered to be "person putting national tax 15 yen or more in boys 25 years or older directly", and the right to vote was only to a few people, but age requirements are done with 18 years or older, and "universal suffrage" not to be asked sex and property "equality election" is realized now.

[reference: in Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage (public relations magazine November, 2015 feature)] (the outside site)


Q: It thinks with the first (serve as a reference) to hear to father and mother, local people having an experience of going for election (when we decide voting destination).
A: That is good idea, too. It is important one vote. In reference to various things, let's vote with own thought by all means.

We see and, in the case of the candidate choice, hear and "poster of candidate" 55.8%, "street speech and individual speech meeting of candidate" 30.9%, "repeated calling of car for election campaign of candidate and full name in street" 28.0% are high-ranking for thing pushed forward and, according to the public awareness investigation "the 18th vote participation situation investigation", include. On the other hand, 32.8% of "election bulletins", "poster of candidate" 24.3%, "election news, criticism such as newspaper, TV, radio, magazine" 15.8% become high-ranking as thing which was useful for the choice of candidate, and referring to opinion of "talks with family" 6.3%, "advice from acquaintance, friend, relative" 5.3% and the circumference comes, but, based on various information, it chooses candidate, and it is indicated that there is much.

[reference: on the 18th vote participation situation investigation (April 7, 2019 execution nationwide local elections]


Q: I go for election. The reason why we are selected without permission though oneself does not go is that unpleasant.
A: Election is important opportunity to convey your thought. Please go to vote.

Representative who lets you reflect our opinion to make our life and society better is necessary, and it is "election" to select the representative. And "the right to vote" means right that we can choose representative as in election. In addition, "eligibility for election" means qualification that goes for election, and represents all. We are always interested in politics as well as election and we give advice and express and may work, but by voting in election, let's participate in politics by all means.

[reference: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications homepage] (the outside site)

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