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New coronavirus infection "Living and Economic Measures"

Final update date April 1, 2021

In Yokohama-shi, we set up "living, economic measures team" in new coronavirus measures headquarters for examination, collection of influence mitigation, restoration measures to citizen's life and company by spread of new coronavirus infection.

"Living and Economic Measures" (FY2021 Budget)

Based on the continued expansion of the new coronavirus infection and the great impact of citizens' lives and economic activities, we will continue to implement thorough measures against infectious diseases, protect the safety and security of citizens, and revitalize the economy. We will work harder on new daily activities.

※In "about budget plan in 2021", we introduce main approach of Motoichi including "living, economic measures" in "main approach" of pages 7-27. Regarding initiatives that include “living and economic measures,” ◇The mark is displayed in the name of the initiative.

"Living and Economic Measures" (announced on February 3, 2021)

In order to respond to infections and medical measures to be urgently addressed, support for businesses, and the third supplementary budget of the country, "strengthening measures to prevent infection and strengthen the medical provision system", "economic measures and businesses for economic recovery" We will proceed with the three pillars of "support for businesses" and "operation support for facilities that support city services."

"Living and Economic Measures" (announced on November 24, 2020)

We push forward approach with two pillars of "protecting citizen and medical care" "protecting Yokohama economy and civic life".

"Living and Economic Measures" (announced on August 24, 2020)

We push forward approach with three pillars of "protecting citizen and medical care" "protecting Yokohama economy and civic life" "working on new everyday".

"Living and Economic Measures" (announced on June 12, 2020)

For reinforcement of infectious disease measures and realization of economic revival, we push forward approach with three pillars of "protecting citizen and medical care" "protecting Yokohama economy and civic life" "working on new everyday".

New coronavirus infection living and economic measures (June 2020)
Overview of Living and Economic Measures (June 2020)

"Living and Economic Measures" (announced on April 28, 2020)

In order to prevent the spread of infection and ensure the safety and security of citizens' lives, urgent measures are taken with three pillars: "prevention of infection spread and development of a medical provision system", "support for citizens' lives", and "support for companies and business activities". Was summarized.

New coronavirus infection living and economic measures
Overview of Living and Economic Measures

Support menu list

Deferred or reduced utility charges

In Yokohama-shi, we accept consultation about payment postponement or reduction of taxes for one having trouble paying utility charges due to influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.

In addition to those listed here, we may respond to consultations, so please contact the responsible department.

Items listed

  • City tax (personal municipal tax, corporate municipal tax, light motor vehicles tax (keijidosha-zei), property tax, city planning tax, business tax, etc.)
  • Land and Building Loans (Finance Bureau Loans
  • Issuance fee of copy of resident certificate Items, Seal Registration's Certificate (Civic Affairs Bureau (Finance Bureau, resident certificate
  • Workers' welfare mutual aid contribution (payment of welfare business "Hama Friend" for city SMEs)
  • Nursery school usage fee (childcare fee)
  • Maternal and child father and son widow welfare fund loan (loan for independence support of mother and father and son families)
  • National Health Insurance premium
  • Medical insurance for seniors
  • Long-term Care Insurance Premium
  • National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin) Insurance Premium
  • Park fee
  • Water and sewerage charges
  • General waste disposal fees and industrial waste disposal costs
  • Municipal Housing Usage Fee
  • Municipal Housing Deposit
  • Port facility usage fee
  • Land and Building Loans (Port and Harbor Bureau Loans
  • Water-based private use charges (Port and Harbor Bureau's
  • Entering fees (Port and Harbor Bureau Fees

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