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About disseminating information by Twitter (Yokohama University Festival)

Last update date July 18, 2019

We started Twitter in July, 2019 to send news or event information by Yokohama University Festival (Yokohama-shi).
It is performed around Minato Mirai in autumn and sends information about "Yokohama University Festival" every year!

Twitter is communication service in the Internet to post short sentence information within 140 characters, and to read. (American Twitter company runs.)
If there are any environment (PC and smartphone, cell-phone) that the Internet is available to, anyone can read. Person having account would like follow by all means.

Operational policy
Account name @Ydaigakumatsuri (Yokohama University Festival (Yokohama-shi))
Account URL (the outside site)
Dispatch contents "University, city partnership meeting" participation 28 universities gather in one place and make use of power of student and send new charm to the whole city limits from Minato Mirai 21 district
We send information about "Yokohama University Festival".
Operation administrator Yokohama University Festival member of the executive committee vice chairperson
(Policy Bureau University adjustment section manager)
Sender The Yokohama University Festival member of the executive committee secretariat
(Policy Bureau University adjustment section)
Having follow or not As a general rule, we do not perform.
But we respond about cooperation business of official account of university, city partnership meeting and university Festival.
Having reply (reply) or not As a general rule, we do not perform.
The use start date July 1, 2019

We can read contents (tweet) which Yokohama University Festival (Yokohama-shi) sent in the next site. (the outside site)
In addition, by having you respond, as for the person having account, you can already see information.
Please send suggestion and opinion than "suggestion from citizen".
About usage of Twitter itself, please refer to Twitter help center for any unclear points.

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Telephone: 045-671-4273

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