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Information for new city hall

Last update date August 4, 2020


Yokohama City Hall moved to authority of north relation south district of Naka Ward in front of Kannai Station, and each station unification headquarters went ahead through move sequentially, and it was full-scale service start on June 29 from April.
In addition, we planned preview at the end of March, but assume postponement under the influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.
In addition, we press-agent future holding on public information Yokohama and city homepage.


Please confirm from the following page. 
About the city hall guidance】     

About parking lot, bicycle parking lots

Bicycle parking lots is on general parking lot, the first floor on the first floor under the ground.
The details such as entrance or rate, please identify this.
[city hall parking lot guidance]

Flow before going to purpose department

①Confirmation of visit
 As you can enter more smoothly when you must confirm "station, section name" and "floor" of visit beforehand when you come to the new city hall, please confirm than the following files.   
 List of entering floors of each station unification headquarters (PDF: 1,230KB)

② Admission procedure
 If come over to the new city hall, you have you go up to city hall reception desk on the third floor with elevator of neighborhood or escalator, and please offer "station, section name" and "floor" of visit at reception desk counter. Signature or the presentation of identification of social position do not have necessary mat on this occasion.
 As I hand identification of admission at reception desk, you have we warm identification of admission over gate, and elevator hall advance, and come to floor of visit.

③ Charge summons
 There is "floor reception desk" on both sides when we get off elevator (there are some exceptions).
 You have side with department of visit advance, and, at floor reception desk, please call department, the person in charge of visit by attached extension number. As the person in charge will be there immediately, we visit business in reception booths of neighborhood.

City hall floor guidance

Each floor floor guidance

※In the 32.4 floor, in the sixth floor, denomination waiting room, plenary session ground, the fifth floor become committee room electric machine room.
List of entering floors of the station unification headquarters (PDF: 1,230KB)
Guide of City Council Bureau is this

Information for public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi)

We offer public wireless LAN (free Internet access /Free Wi-Fi) service in the city hall low-rise building part.
As for the details such as usage, please see the following page.
Information for city hall public wireless LAN (Free Wi-Fi)

Introduction in "public information Yokohama"

As we introduce the new city hall in "public information Yokohama", please see by all means.

Public information Yokohama February, 2020 issue (PDF: 2,455KB) (move schedule of each station unification headquarters, building summary, access)

Public information Yokohama April, 2020 issue (PDF: 3,171KB) (about reception desk, guidance)

Public information Yokohama July, 2020 issue (PDF: 1,699KB) (flow to purpose department, floor guidance on the first to the third floor)


The new city hall maintenance brochure

We introduce building constitution, environmental performance, BCP measures, history of the city hall.
The new city hall maintenance brochure data (PDF: 5,030KB)

The new city hall introduction brochure

We introduce characteristic of Yokohama City Hall with photograph.
The new city hall introduction brochure data (PDF: 3,100KB)


※When you publish this photograph in publication, public information medium, please send plan plan and the space plan to address of the following reference beforehand.

The appearance

Each facility introduction

Anyone gathers casually and gets close and utilizes atrium symbolizing the city hall located at Kannai, Kangai-District and node of Minato Mirai 21 district as place of event and ceremony various as space that can rest. (business hours: 4:50-25:00)

We locate citizen lounge to be able to enjoy the prospects of Minato Mirai 21 district slowly in plot of Ooka riverside where we can access from the third-floor lobby. Anyone is available as relaxing place. (business hours: on weekdays 7:00-20:00)

Work room does not establish wall and partition and it is highly visible in open mark and says in the whole floor with open floor with a sense of unity.
By communalizing standard, design of household articles such as desks, and locating regularly, effectively utilize space. Flexible operation is enabled for the increase and decrease of the staff.

We assume the 18th floor that all elevators stop common use meeting room floor and we gather about 50 big things and small things meeting rooms and locate. We establish projector and wireless LAN permanently and promote paper reply by being connected to network in agency.
In addition, we locate common use meeting room depending on space and the use purpose in other floors.

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Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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