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[the second selection passing announcement (announcement) passing for the last time] About conduct of staff of fiscal year appointment adoption selection for people with impaired 2020

Last update date September 11, 2020

We carry out staff of appointment adoption selection in the fiscal year for impaired people in 2020

[the second selection passing announcement (announcement) passing for the last time]

 We announce passer of staff of appointment adoption selection second selection in the fiscal year for impaired people in 2020.

Subscription for 1 summary

(1) Social position
 Staff of fiscal year appointment

(2) The period of employment
 From April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022
 ※When result of ability proof is good, we may be appointed again without depending on open call for participants until four times of continuations.

(3) Business content
 Desk work assistance such as transportation, assortment of email in agency, copy label making, seal, enclosure sealing work, post office carry-on of mail, shredder, filing of the disposal document.

(4) Reception desk period, the selection date and time
 ・Reception desk period: From Monday, June 8, 2020 to Friday, June 19 (effective postmark on that day)
 ・The first selection: Saturday, July 4, 2020
 ・The second selection: Saturday, August 22, 2020 or 23rd Sunday
 ※For more information about eligibility requirements for an examination, selection contents, please confirm by offer guidance.

2 application methods

Please have mail (simple registered mail) of predetermined application to City of Yokohama, General Affairs Bureau personnel department within reception desk period. (by bringing we cannot accept)

Acquisition method of subscription for 3 guidance, application

 We distribute with each ward office Public Relations Section, service counter in the city hall, person with a disability working support engine in Yokohama-shi.
 We downloaded data publishing in this page, and list required items and can submit. You usually make duplex printing (you close long side) with cardboard of postcard degree, and please submit "check list, admission ticket to an examination" on this occasion. Submitted paper becomes mailing as admission ticket to an examination.
 In addition, when you download data and print, you print all documents with paper of A4 size, and please submit after having filled in all the required items.

Raise, and sort, and is going to adopt; the number of people, eligibility requirements for an examination
Offer division Eligibility requirements for an examination Is going to adopt; the number of people
Division 1 Oh, it is certificate of the physically disabled

Person receiving grant or people who apply for grant by application, and receive grant by March, 2021 in either notebook to advocate to the following

Around 20 people
Division 2 i nursing notebook (notebook of love)
Division 3 u mental patient health welfare notebook

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (old Adobe Reader) is necessary to open file of Portable Document Format.
Person who does not have can download free of charge from Adobe company.
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader DCTo downloading of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

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