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We publish "history of illustration Tsuzuki" in commemoration of the Tsuzuki constituency system 25th anniversary!

Last update date November 8, 2019

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While Tsuzuki Ward   is new town, there is history that people spent for a long time including Otsuka, saishodoiato. It was member, and detailed expert and representatives of ward inhabitant group which was usually concerned with ward administration started in history of Tsuzuki in "history of illustration Tsuzuki" editing committee in 2016 to convey such a history in history, and to have you deepen thought to hometown.
We aimed at using a lot of plates in editing Committee, and describing clearly, and we crossed for about three and a half years, and examination and investigation, writing, proofreading of publication contents worked.
And we progressed to publish "history of illustration Tsuzuki" at last in November, 2019 to reach the constituency system 25th anniversary. This book becomes the first book which compiled history of Tsuzuki from the beginning, the ancient times to the present age. Please enjoy history of position zuku Tsuzuki 30,000 years in Japanese history.

Press release material

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Telephone: 045-948-2236

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