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About error of authorization of obstacle welfare service user burden

Last update date December 8, 2015

Press release material

December 8, 2015

Tsuzuki Ward   Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Nobuyuki Hoshi

Phone number 045-948-2300

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1 summary

  It is which of 10% of expense that we needed or burden upper limit monthly basis, or, as for the user burden of day service (elderly day care) such as after school or home-help service failure welfare service, offer of service is expected to pay low after having authorized burden upper limit monthly basis (we say "burden upper limit monthly basis" as follows.) that accepted the citizen amount of a tax (as for the remainder public expenditure). We took the wrong burden upper limit monthly basis this time, and it became clear that we authorized, and plural number was, and it was revealed that I paid amounts of money sum that you should originally bear or more and was by high amount of money.

The number, forehead which authorized 2 by mistake

 (1) 14 households of number of false authorization of burden upper limit monthly basis 17 (ten households of things which grew of house excess payment sum 12)
 (2) From April, 2013 to October, 2015 between misconception commuter pass of burden upper limit monthly basis
 (3) Total excess payment sum      1,104,066 yen (2,804 yen - 632,690 yen per one household)

3 correspondence

 About 17 people that false authorization became clear this time, we performed apology and briefing and sent out notice that we authorized on correct burden upper limit monthly basis on Friday, December 4.
 In addition, about excess payment sum, we will push forward return procedure after discussion with each jurisdiction section of Health and Social Welfare Bureau having jurisdiction over payment desk work and Child and Youth Bureau and relations office.
 We schematize procedure about calculation of burden upper limit monthly basis and, for preventive measures against recurrences, make manual as ward and update at the time of system revision at point in time, and even which person in charge can perform desk work appropriately and carries out joint ownership between the people in charge thoroughly.

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Tsuzuki Ward   Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division

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Telephone: 045-948-2301

Fax: 045-948-2490

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