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Tsuzuki Ward   inhabitant of a ward attitude survey findings was finished in 2015

Last update date December 7, 2015

Press release material

December 7, 2015

Tsuzuki Ward   Ward Administration Promotion Division

Reiko Tanaka

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At Tsuzuki Ward   government office, we grasped life awareness and life action of inhabitant of a ward and, for the purpose of making use in the administration of a ward administration, carried out inhabitant of a ward attitude survey. (we carried out last time in 2011.)
It continued from the last time, and, in investigation this year, "we assist "child, child care support" in area" called about "cultural activities" "Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations" "earthquake disaster measures" other than basic data such as the residence intention. 
In addition, "health promotion" which was regional society-like important issue added "elderly person support" about "road, traffic" newly as investigation item.

○Point of findings

・In late years there are many inhabitants of a ward who moved, but domiciliation intention is strong
As for the time when we have begun to live in Tsuzuki Ward  , "after 2010" (after 2010) is the highest with 18.6%, and move in continues newly.
"They want to continue living about the residence intention all the time", but they are the highest, and subsequently "they want to continue living for the time being", but it is 33.2%, and people who replied, "we want to continue living" rise to 82.8% with 49.6%.
・There are many people thinking that it is important "to eat in a good balance" in health promotion
It "ate in a good balance" together to work on omoi ukoto, true verge if important, but was the most. In the exercising place, with most "city park" is 27.4%. On the other hand, person who does not exercise becomes 24.8%.
・It is serious consideration by "we see defense" by support and approach for elderly person
"For "it is health and disease" cost of living and income" was given "care being in a necessary condition" in high rank of particularly uneasy thing in life of elderly person. As for support and the approach for increase of elderly person population, it was a lot of 48.2% people who "saw, and thought that defense was necessary in visits when it became single life, household only for elderly person" most.

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