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We carry out the training "Africa region city waterworks engineer training" according to ... JICA problem solving problem of water supply business of African countries! ...

Last update date August 24, 2018

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August 24, 2018

Water Works Bureau international business operation section

Koji Shiono

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This training begins with the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development held in Yokohama in May, 2008, and 118 waterworks engineers participate from 29 countries by last year.
Many countries are having problem about water supply business now and they feature the theme even of Tokyo International Conference on African Development every time and, in Africa, are taken up. In six countries of participation, we hold problem such as 30-50% not being tied to income with leak of water or theft water among water which water supply business entity made this time.
In Water Works Bureau, we add to technical aspects such as clean water processing and water quality management, water supply management such as the water pressure, quantity of water, the quality of the water, water supply plan, facility management and perform rate management and customer management, customer service, lecture of the water supply business whole including management plan. Participant examines policy for own problem solution through the training.

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Telephone: 045-633-0160

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