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We set up the council about the ways such as water rates and start discussion!

Last update date April 26, 2018

Press release material

April 26, 2018

Water Works Bureau General-Management Planning Division

Shuichi Yamaoka

Phone number 045-633-0107

Fax: 045-663-6732

 You spend in total a large amount of money on deterioration and must update facilities such as water pipe and distributing reservoir, water purification plant set up throughout the city sequentially to make tap water, and to continue sending to family.
 On the other hand, it becomes difficult to update facility when decrease continues after rate revision of 2001 as for the rate income that is main resources of water supply business of self-supporting accounting system, and population decline of Yokohama-shi begins from prediction street 32 years.
 We installed "the role council such as Yokohama-shi water rates" by expert and accounts, well-informed person of corporate management who knew water supply business of our country well in April, 2018 to succeed channel facility which was citizen's precious property appropriately in the next generation while we did it this way. 
 We hold council for first on May 7 and start discussion about the ways such as water rates of Yokohama in the future.

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Telephone: 045-633-0143

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