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It is the first in the whole country in big city water supply business entity! We conclude "agreement about storage of fuel oil for at the time of disaster and supply" with private business person! For blackout to stop by at the time of ... disaster, it is security ... with fuel of home generation of electricity facilities moving pump of water purification plant which is factory of important water surely

Last update date March 26, 2018

Press release material

March 26, 2018

Water Works Bureau accounting section

Genta, Yamada

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 When fuel is in stock or when it has a possibility of procurement, in Water Works Bureau, we will have cooperation from cooperation company about vehicle for emergency water supply and restoration at the time of disaster, refueling of emergency generation facilities by "Yokohama Channel security, reliable partner (fueling) system" as far as it is feedable. However, it is expected what we cannot raise with precedence while other public institutions need fuel at the time of disaster occurrence.
 Therefore, about thing to be short by the current hall storage to operate water purification plant for three days, we store charges for custody of fuel surely by paying and conclude fuel oil storage agreement such as receiving transportation, refueling by Raleigh car in hatsuwazawaiji with private business person.

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Telephone: 045-633-0145

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