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About conduct of exchange construction completion of valve accompanied with leak of water from valve in Kohoku Ward and work to put back water supply route

Last update date October 30, 2017

Press release material

October 30, 2017

Water Works Bureau northern part area water supply management section

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As valve which we installed in water pipe of Kohoku Ward on January 22, 2016 was damaged, and leak of water occurred, we started work to change water supply route for emergency as prior work for restoration of leak of water from the end of June, 2016 and completed in the end of January, 2017. About this, we made news release on March 16, but report the later correspondence.
We pushed forward exchange of damaged valve and the neighboring water pipe and finished on-site work in September, and all construction was completed in the end of October. We are going to perform work to put back current water supply route changing until around March, 2018 in future. I would like understanding and cooperation sequentially.

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The area water supply management section in northern Water Works Bureau water supply department

Telephone: 045-542-0551

Telephone: 045-542-0551

Fax: 045-542-0564

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