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Visitor of the water purification plant Kawai water purification plant ceraRocca 10000th of Japanese the largest film filtration method arrives

Last update date September 7, 2017

Press release material

September 7, 2017

Water Works Bureau Kawai water purification plant

Shinichi Habutsu

Phone number 045-921-1174

Fax: 045-922-4989

Kawai water purification plant (nickname ceraRocca) of Japanese the largest film filtration method that operated in April, 2014 met the 10000th visitor on September 6, 2017.
We have various people observe the local government, private enterprise, inspection team from foreign countries led by primary schoolchild from the beginning of operation start and publicize about eco-friendly water purification plant utilizing natural energy. We held ceremony with all will of thanks in having had many customers observe and performed the souvenir presentation, taking a ceremonial photograph.

※With ceraRocca
We named "ceramic of materials of film" and "filtration" combination "ceraRocca" by nickname open call for participants.

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Water Works Bureau clean water part Kawai water purification plant

Telephone: 045-921-1174

Telephone: 045-921-1174

Fax: 045-922-4989

E-Mail address [email protected]

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