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About omission of location ignorance of list of non-claimers and request for water rate, sewerage system usage fee

Last update date August 8, 2017

Press release material

August 8, 2017

Water Works Bureau Kikuna Channel office

Masato Tomii

Phone number 045-531-4181

Fax: 045-531-9933

 We make bills called "list of non-claimers" every month and process to prevent omission of request for water rate, sewerage system usage fee in Water Works Bureau, but the location becomes of unidentified and cannot discover these seven pieces of bills currently. Because personal information such as full name or customer number of customer was listed in bills of unknown the location and could list information for up to 16 in one piece of bill, information for up to 112 might be listed.
 Because list of these non-claimers was bill for check for prevention of non-request, and omission of check by there not being bills was assumed, after confirming, it was revealed that there were 29 customers who was state of non-request now by rate online system again.

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Water Works Bureau water supply Service Department Kikuna Channel office

Telephone: 045-531-4181

Telephone: 045-531-4181

Fax: 045-531-9933

E-Mail address [email protected]

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