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Let's apply for present lottery of water source safe-conduct!

Last update date December 16, 2016

Press release material

December 16, 2016

Water Works Bureau Water Purification Division

Naoko Murata

Phone number 045-633-0126

Fax: 045-663-8820

 The people concerned such as the prefecture 5 water supply business entity which assumes five water source of the Doshi River, Sagamiko, Lake Tsukui, Lake Tanzawa, Lake Miyagase, the local government of water source or many facilities cooperate with water source safe-conduct regionally and are business that we carry out to protect water source through having many people know charm and importance of water source full of water and nature among green.
 As we will carry out present lottery, you use water source safe-conduct of version in 2016 and look forward to application from which received seal of stamp to bill.

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Water Works Bureau clean water part Water Purification Division 

Telephone: 045-633-0178

Telephone: 045-633-0178

Fax: 045-663-8820

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