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Water source protected for commemorative ninth Kikuna water plaza Festival ... 100 years for way will forest at the head of a river 100 years still with "Doshimura!" ...

Last update date September 26, 2016

Press release material

September 26, 2016

Water Works Bureau Kikuna Channel office

Yoshiaki Kimura

Phone number 045-531-3641

Fax: 045-531-9933

"Kikuna water plaza festival" that became annual.
This year for the ninth "introduce by bodily sensation type booth such as "naturally virtual experience" by protected water source, various approaches of water supply which civic life cannot miss on o theme from now on with "Doshi-mura!" either for 100 years

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Water Works Bureau water supply Service Department Kikuna Channel office

Telephone: 045-531-4181

Telephone: 045-531-4181

Fax: 045-531-9933

E-Mail address [email protected]

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