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Event commemorative for forest cafe 2016 way will forest at the head of a river 100 years of way will

Last update date July 27, 2016

Press release material

July 27, 2016

Water Works Bureau Mitsukyo Channel office

Mami Ogawa

Phone number 045-363-1541

Fax: 045-363-2630

Yokohama-shi purchases forest at the head of a river in Doshi-mura, Yamanashi and reaches 100 years after starting management, maintenance this year.
 We publicize "forest of way will" which is one of the water sources of Yokohama-shi in cooperation with Izumi Ward obstacle welfare independence support meeting in Water Works Bureau.
 During period, seven cafes which meeting participation groups run put their ingenuity in shop and direct space that can sense forest of water source bodily (cooperation: JVC KENWOOD). We display panel of photograph that each store photographed the water source "Doshi River" of Yokohama-shi by photographer Toyota.
 Menu using bottle water "true children The Water" which the forest of way will brought up comes up!

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