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We install monument which well-known Shoko Kanazawa painted with title of Taiga Drama Series "Kiyomori Taira" in the commemorative ceremony for forest at the head of a river 100 years in Doshi-mura

Last update date June 22, 2016

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June 22, 2016

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 Yokohama-shi purchased the forest in Doshi-mura commencing with water intake from Yamanashi from the Doshi River in 1916 (Taisho 5) in 1897 (Meiji 30). Thereafter we managed this forest as way will forest at the head of a river and, for 100 years, kept in good condition. We concluded "agreement about friendship, interchange of Yokohama-shi and Doshi-mura" the other day and deepened interchange.
 We memorialize way will forest at the head of a river 100 years and perform various business this year. On 26th, we hold "commemorative ceremony" in Doshi-mura in July and pray for interchange of Doshimura and Yokohama-shi deepening with thanks to all of you of Doshi-mura more and more in future and install monument which ticked away letter which had calligrapher Shoko Kanazawa do calligraphy (kigo) in "Roadside Stations".

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Water Works Bureau clean water part Water Purification Division 

Telephone: 045-633-0178

Telephone: 045-633-0178

Fax: 045-663-8820

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