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About non-request for water rates accompanied with false registration of water meter information

Last update date May 23, 2016

Press release material

May 23, 2016

Water Works Bureau Tsurumi Channel office

Osamu Tamura

Phone number 045-521-2321

Fax: 045-504-4927

 Though we used water supply, there was contact that there was store which he/she treated which did not demand water rates from trust company of water meter inspection of a meter duties in Water Works Bureau. Therefore fact that did not request water rate, sewerage system usage fee became clear because after confirming water rate system, we input mistakenly so that rate did not calculate information of water meter.

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Water Works Bureau water supply Service Department Tsurumi Channel office

Telephone: 045-521-2321

Telephone: 045-521-2321

Fax: 045-504-4927

E-Mail address [email protected]

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