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Water supply is stylish and aims, and first in Japan "gas, water meter wireless automatic inspection of a meter system" challenges proof experiment for correspondence to single-family house house!

Last update date March 30, 2016

Press release material

March 30, 2016

Water Works Bureau Fees Division

Koichi Shirata

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 Yokohama-shi pushed forward proof experiment of "gas, water meter wireless automatic inspection of a meter system" in the apartment house with TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd. and Hitachi, Ltd. By inspection of 2015, enough results were provided without problem to accurate inspection of a meter and communication success rate by automatic wireless inspection of a meter. In addition, including "watch service" by the simultaneous acquisition of gas and water supply consumption data constant result is anticipated by value-added utilization.
 In 2016, we push forward next in addition to past proof experiment.

 ・As proof experiment that assumed the use to single-family house house, we use "electronic water meter ※ with U bus communication facility" without utilization example in the country until now.
 ・Of future "watch service" by infrastructure common use fix the eyes on modeling, and inspect complex inflection of data.

 ※ Water supply me in conformity with "electronic water meter interface specifications with U bus communication facility" standardized in NPO corporation telemetering promotion meeting on March 29, 2016

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