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... which had citizen's all of you of ... about 12,000 that we decided "disaster water station" new mark design vote

Last update date November 25, 2015

Press release material

November 25, 2015

Water Works Bureau Maintenance Section

Tomoyuki Watanabe

Phone number 045-633-0174

Fax: 045-664-6739

 Yokohama-shi maintains "disaster water stations" such as water tanks for disaster under the ground throughout the city as facility where citizen's all of you can secure drinking water in hatsuwazawaiji.
 Through disaster drill and various public information mediums, we tell citizen's all of you about "disaster water station", but ratio of which replied, "we know concrete place" of "disaster water station" is the situation that recognition is very low with 14.2% in "customer attitude survey about water supply" that we carried out in 2014 (we almost carry out every three years) until now.
 Therefore, for the purpose of improvement in recognition of "disaster water station", we carried out customer vote to decide new design of mark which meant "disaster water station" and decided new design by result.
 We install new mark which reflected viewpoint of many citizen's all of you in water tank for disaster under the ground sequentially from the next fiscal year.

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Telephone: 045-633-0174

Telephone: 045-633-0174

Fax: 045-664-6739

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