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... which learns life of health promotion walking event water and sewage facility visit tour - water

Last update date October 7, 2015

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October 7, 2015

Water Works Bureau willow tit water purification plant

Katsuyoshi Murakami

Phone number 045-851-1731

Fax: 045-851-7229

 About water which is our precious public utilities, it is walking event that can learn the life. You start from Ofuna Station and observe manufacturing process of tap water at willow tit water purification plant extending over Yokohama-shi and Kamakura-shi, and please observe process when we go down the slow distance afterwards, and life drainage is regenerated in beautiful water in the western part water reproduction center. Returns walk promenades along the Sakai River to Fujisawa Station from western water reproduction center and become dissolution. Do you not learn about water which all of you usually use casually while feeling refreshing autumn wind on skin through walking at this opportunity?
 In addition, we carry out "Yokohama walking point" business sent health promotion to although citizens 40 years or older are a pleasure now in Yokohama-shi. Person participating in this business is chance to save point through this walking event! You are stirred up in this chance, and please subscribe!


It is collaboration plan with Environmental Planning Bureau western part water reproduction center.

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Water Works Bureau clean water part willow tit water purification plant

Telephone: 045-851-1731

Telephone: 045-851-1731

Fax: 045-851-7229

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