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Forest cafe 2015 of way will

Last update date July 30, 2015

Press release material

July 30, 2015

Water Works Bureau Tozuka, oasis area Service Center

Shuichi Yamaoka

Phone number 045-801-2641

Fax: 045-801-2611

 It is Izumi Ward obstacle welfare independence support meeting in Water Works Bureau ※In cooperation with 1, we publicize "forest of way will" which is one of the water sources of Yokohama-shi for two months from "day of water" of Saturday, August 1 to Wednesday, September 30.
 We will reach 100 years next year after Yokohama-shi buying the forest from Yamanashi, and beginning to protect and nurture as water source cultivation forest. We hold as the play vent this year.
 During period, cafe which 5 groups of participation run for the meeting concentrates invention in shop and directs space that can sense forest of water source bodily (cooperation: JVC KENWOOD Corporation). In addition, we sell menu using bottle water "true children The Water" which cresson and incense fortune pork (cooperation: Doshi-mura, Yamanashi) which are special product of Doshi-mura, the forest of way will brought up for a limited time.

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Telephone: 045-363-1541

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