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Lists of submissions such as 2018 third City Counsil regular assembly bills

Last update date September 4, 2018

Press release material

September 4, 2018

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42 1 public bill
 Two some revisions others of the some revisions three Yokohama-shi fee regulations of 1 regulation
 Designation of designated manager of one designated Yokohama-shi skill Cultural Center of 2-designated manager
 In 3 Local Government Act Article 180
  Two senketsutokofunhotsuge others about mediation to modify settlement to affect senketsutokofunhotsuge three Municipal Housing fee for use payment request prompt decision settlement case to be based and Municipal Housing fee for use payment request mediation case
 Question about query about demand disposal of the return receipt of money of 4 question one welfare allowances
 Development of development one Yokohama-shi Middle four years plan 2018-2021 of 5 plan
 Revision of 6 regulations    Nine cases
  (1) All revision of the use of all revision one Yokohama-shi harbor facilities regulations of the regulations
  (2) Seven some revisions others such as the city tax regulations of some revisions eight Yokohama-shi of the regulations
  In authorized abolition one Yako Route 200 of 7 roads, it is authorization of city street line and the abolition
 Three such as the acquisition of 8 property
  (1) One acquisition others of house site of acquisition two Kamigo, Yokohama-shi, forest of property
  (2) Disposal of disposal one 6, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku location municipal ownership land of property
 Five designated others of designated manager of six designated public hall of 9-designated manager
 10 and others    Change of medium-term aim of one public university corporation Yokohama City University
 The conclusion of 11 contracts
 (1)Eight conclusion others of department in conclusion nine Yokohama-shi city hall middle class part maintenance construction (the first mechanic ward building works) contract contract of contract
  (2)Three change others of four changes Highway Yokohama loop-formed northwest line north hassaku orange ventilation place new construction construction (building works) contract contract of contract
Six 2 budget bills
 As for 1 carrying forward check, it is two report three 2017 Yokohama-shi carrying forward light costs carrying forward check report others
 2 revised budgets      One two 2018 Yokohama-shi general account revised budget (the first) others

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