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We had you contribute heat stroke measures supplementary water liquid

Last update date July 20, 2020

Press release material

July 20, 2020

Sakae Ward Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Jun Oda

Phone number 045-894-8513

Fax: 045-893-3083

We had you donate cooling drinks which contributed to heat stroke measures from The Daiei, Inc. which was large administration company of food supermarket "ion foods-style Konandai shop" of 3, Kounandai, Kounan-ku for Konan Ward government office and Sakae Ward government office. We send article which we had to the authority of elderly person place nursing facility staff supporting local relief.

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Sakae Ward Health and Welfare Center Elderly and Disabled Support Division

Telephone: 045-894-8539

Telephone: 045-894-8539

Fax: 045-893-3083

E-Mail address [email protected]

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