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A new local child-rearing support base opens in Kanagawa Ward support

Final update date April 8, 2021

Press release

April 8, 2021

Kanagawa Ward-Children and Families Support Division

Rika Okaoka

Phone number: 045-411-7112

Fax: 045-321-8820

 In the Irie / Shinkoyasu area, a local child care support base "Kanachie Satellite" will open.
 The Kanachie Satellite has a space where babies and pre-school children and their families can play, interact and spend time freely, and a counseling room where counselors can listen to stories, providing various information on child care. You.
 It's a spacious house. By all means! Please feel free to come and play.

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Kanagawa Ward Children and Families Support Division, Health and Welfare Center

Telephone: 045-411-7112

Telephone: 045-411-7112

Fax: 045-321-8820

Email address: [email protected]

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