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Let's spend time in STAY HOME house

Last update date June 15, 2020

Your each person's action is connected in protecting society protecting important person following command.
Even if it is neighborhood, let alone outing, you restrain yourself from non-pivot non-sudden going out, and please cooperate with "contact opportunity 80% reduction with people".
We settled video and page to spend time happily in house concerned. Please inflect!


From facility closed temporarily under streaming

Animal, nature

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Culture, art

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Let's move body

You can see video introducing here with Yokohama-shi YouTube formula channel (the outside site).

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Let's enjoy in parent and child

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We collected coloring or paperwork of mascot character.

Let's eat in house

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We introduce recipe to be useful for local production for local consumption recipe using ingredients of Yokohama-shi and daily health promotions.

Let's learn Yokohama

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It is support message from all of you with connection in Yokohama

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