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About response of the citizen's use facility with new coronavirus infectious disease "emergency declaration" procession

Last update date January 20, 2021

 On Thursday, January 7, 2021, emergency declaration was delivered for Tokyo and 3 prefectures of metropolitan area including Kanagawa. We received basic coping policy of country, Kanagawa conduct policy and, in Yokohama-shi, decided Yokohama-shi correspondence policy about the citizen's use facility. About the details about the opening information of each facility and facility use, please confirm web page of each facility.
 In addition, sorry for your inconvenience, but please refer to each facility for facility where this list does not have publication individually.

Correspondence policy (from Tuesday, January 12) of Yokohama-shi about use of citizen facility
・Based on going out self-restraint requests, we do until principle 20:00 for opening time.
・When you are reserved, please restrain yourself from the use after 20:00.
・When reservation during emergency declaration official announcement is canceled, we return fee. (cancellation fee does not collect)
・Reservation after 20:00 stops new acceptance during emergency declaration.
・Because infection risk increases, please restrain yourself from the dinner before and after having used facility.

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District center, community house


Inside Sports facility

Outdoor pool

Sports hall

Public hall, meeting place

Public hall

Meeting place

Facility in zoo, park

Zoo, botanical garden

Facility in park

Health, the welfare

Other health, welfare-related facilities

Child care, the young people

Other child care, young people-related facilities

Culture, sightseeing, art


Promotion of civic cooperation center, inhabitant of a ward activity support center

Lifelong learning, history, cultural assets

Consumer life, industrial development

Consultation counter of house

Gender equality center

Yokohama City University

The water purification plant, water supply Memorial

Resources, garbage

International exchange lounge

In addition, (Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center, citizen information center, smoking area)

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