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Message for all of the city companies about financing facility about new coronavirus from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama

Last update date May 1, 2020


The message whole sentence

 Yokohama citizens
 It is Fumiko Hayashi of the mayor.

 Yokohama-shi gathered supplementary budget of 574.3 billion yen that became the largest as "new coronavirus infectious disease living, economic measure" in the past.

 Yokohama-shi founded new financing menu to have, at first, all of the medium and small-sized businesses which occupied 99.5% among the city companies stabilize fund raising.

 Specifically, we found new financing menu "Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus infectious disease correspondence fund" of limit 30 million yen for 60 months for no interest, nothing security, period of deferment for three years and largely enlarge accommodation to 500 billion yen from 140 billion yen.
 When we exceeded limit 30 million yen, Yokohama-shi supported guarantee charges in full and offered menu which low interest loan could receive. We want to have fund raising of all of the companies conjugate by all means.
 In addition, we will pay 100,000 yen to further support all of the small companies borrowing 5 million yen or less money. In addition, we will pay 100,000 yen to all of the start-up companies which just been founded.
 We have these menus conjugate to the maximum and want to have you survive this severe situation somehow.

 We are consulted in financial institution from May 1 and, about financing, put. After the budget establishment, we will push forward preparations to carry out immediately.

 We sincerely thank all of you supporting daily civic livings. It is the most difficult, and Yokohama-shi will work on support of the city companies facing with every effort in future now that infection spread of new coronavirus converges as soon as possible and restores conventional economic activities.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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