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Message for all of you of mall about revised budget of new coronavirus infectious disease measures from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama

Last update date May 22, 2020


The message whole sentence

 All of you of mall
 It is Fumiko Hayashi of the mayor.

 Yokohama-shi pushes forward "new coronavirus infectious disease living, economic measure" by revised budget of 574.3 billion yen becoming the largest in the past.
 Use offered optional lump sum depending on needs of each mall including support of prevention of infection spread and member shop to support your activity, and to do. We will pay 100,000 yen per one store to mall according to the number of the member stores.
 Including event and conduct of discount sale after facility maintenance, sale, infection spread of gift certificate converged other than expense that the purchase and takeout and delivery of sanitary protection such as mask, alcohol took want to have utilize widely.
 We start receptionist on May 22 and, after June, will provide sequentially.

 The number of the infected people of unknown the number of Yokohama-shi of patient outbreak, infection course decreases after we enter together in May.
 Approach of prevention of infection spread of local all of you becomes form steadily and, including all of you of mall, appears. We sincerely offer my gratitude for your cooperation.

 Mall that is nucleus of local community becomes big support of living of citizen's all of you.
 Yokohama-shi makes every possible effort sequentially, too.
 Let's go through this difficulty together.
 Thank you for your cooperation.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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