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Message for citizen's all of you accompanied with new coronavirus infectious disease emergency declaration extension from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama

Last update date May 8, 2020


The message whole sentence

 Yokohama citizens
 It is Fumiko Hayashi of the mayor.

 Emergency declaration was delivered, and, for one month, Yokohama-shi worked on prevention of infection spread with all of you with every effort.

 The number of patient outbreak of Yokohama-shi exceeded 100 in week on April 6 that became peak, but changes in approximately 75 people per one week afterwards. The number of unknown infection course gradually decreases in that.
 In addition, person of serious case and medium grade symptom is 57 people as of May 7. We secure 500 beds for patients with serious case, medium grade symptom, and Yokohama-shi maintains enough medical systems.
 Crowd around Yokohama Station during long holidays was able to achieve about 80% decrease. Action of one one of all of you becomes form steadily and appears. We would like continued cooperation some other time.

 We will extend closing such as cancellation and postponement such as events that city hosts, use of citizen facility commencing with simultaneous temporary closure of a school of city school with extension until May 31 during period of emergency declaration.
 Particularly, by closure of a school of city school, we think that anxiety of elementary school student student and protectors is big. We are enriched by delivery of learning video and urgent acceptance, school grounds opening sequentially and, with Board of Education, will support children in the whole Yokohama-shi.

 In addition, about special Supplementary Income Payment of 100,000 yen per one, mail application plans to begin shipment of application in the end of May and pushes forward preparations. Online application using my number card starts acceptance from May 12, and transfer start anticipates the end of May. We do news on Yokohama-shi websites as soon as the details are decided.

 The government says that they may cancel declaration by May 14 and 21st without waiting for the end of May depending on the situation to hear expertise some other time. We will work with every effort to be able to regain recovery of economic activities and past daily life of citizen's all of you as soon as possible as Yokohama-shi.
 It is important time the most now. Action of each all of you is connected in protecting society protecting important person following command.
 We get on and will surpass this difficulty together.
 Thank you for your cooperation.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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