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Message from Fumiko Hayashi's Message to Citizens and Businesses Regarding New Coronavirus Infectious DiseasesThe Mayor of Yokohama

Final update date November 24, 2020


Message text

 Citizens' businesses
 My name is Fumiko Hayashi.

 The number of people infected with the new coronavirus has rapidly increased in the city since November, and the average number of people per day has reached 88.3 in the last week.

 Currently, there are 64 severely and moderately hospitalized patients. The occupancy rate of 500 beds for severely and moderately ill patients secured in the city is 23% and is not tight. The number of infected people who need to be hospitalized is increasing rapidly, and care cannot be taken.
 Yokohama City will cooperate with Kanagawa Prefecture to balance with daily community medicine and work to enhance the medical provision system for positive patients, especially those with severe illness.

 This time, Yokohama City has compiled a supplementary budget of 29 projects and a total of 3.1 billion yen as the fourth "living and economic measures" in order to further promote measures to prevent the spread of infection and realize economic revitalization. Was. We will incorporate the necessary measures right now and firmly protect the lives and lives of citizens.
 In our "Protecting Medical Care with Citizens", we will strengthen our medical treatment and inspection systems for "Holiday Emergency clinics's efforts to protect medical care with citizens in preparation for an increase in patients suspected of having an infectious disease in winterNight-time Emergency Medical Center's winter. In addition, the “Infectious Disease Call Center” and the “Returnee / Contact Consultation Center” will be integrated into one location for 24 hours, and the number of lines will be increased to 80, twice the current number. In order to prevent the occurrence of clusters and converge early, we will strengthen the inspection and staffing system by the cluster prevention and countermeasures team "Y-AEIT", which provides on-site inspections and guidance on preventing the spread of infection.
 In "Protecting Yokohama economy and civil life" approach, we add 1,000 more about the furtherance to capital investment that small and medium-sized enterprises work on as infectious disease measures. In addition, we will start a new subsidy for infectious disease countermeasures accompanying cultural arts performances.
 As a support for those in difficult situations, a temporary payment of 100,000 yen will be made to single-parent households that have not received Child Raising Allowance's own for households whose income has decreased significantly due to the effects of the new coronavirus Will be paid.

 In winter, in addition to measures to prevent infection, such as wearing masks and avoiding poaching, perform "moderate moisture retention" and indoor "ventilation" to avoid drying. For the year-end and New Year holidays, opportunities to spend time with family and friends will increase. When gathering, be careful of infection risks, such as minimizing the number of people and shortening the time.
 In order to suppress the explosive spread of infection, the power of citizens, businesses, and each person is indispensable. Let's get over this difficulty together.

The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi Signature

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