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Citizen about "new coronavirus infectious disease living, economic measure" from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama, message for all of the companies

Last update date August 26, 2020


The message whole sentence

 All of the citizen's all of you companies
 It is Fumiko Hayashi of the mayor.

 Under the influence of new coronavirus, lifestyle of past us greatly changed. The number of participants restrictions of megathon are extended until the end of September, too. We do eating and drinking with family and friend without hesitation while we cannot readily foresee the future, and the situation that it is difficult homecoming and to travel continues. I receive cooperation from prevention of infection spread and sincerely offer my gratitude for all of you.

 Yokohama-shi gathered 66 business, supplementary budget of a total of 16.9 billion yen as the third "living, economic measure". We turn two wheels of "reinforcement of infectious disease measures" and "realization of economic revitalization" and let the making of society corresponding to new lifestyle further accelerate.
 "We protect citizen's all of you and medical care" "protect Yokohama economy and civic life" by this "living, economic measure" focuses on "work for new daily life".
 We provide medical institution which carried out inspection with money of support so that citizen's most can receive polymerase chain reaction test by approach "protecting medical care with citizen's all of you" more and strengthen inspection and the consultation system. In addition, we utilize sent donation until now and will support healthcare workers.
 By approach that "kept Yokohama economy and civic life", we had about 6,000 applications at the time of offer in August about the furtherance to capital spending that all of the city medium and small-sized businesses worked on as infectious disease measures in three days. We add 4,000 cases. In addition, we support MICE sponsor to activate the city economy and we lose job and will support people in the difficult situation well.
 By approach for "new daily life" to coexist with new coronavirus, we will support new activity-style by holding of experience course to realize "terminal of one one" within this year in city school, and to be able to perform meeting and notification utilizing ICT in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations.

 We reach September soon, but severe heat still continues. Please be careful about not only infectious disease measures but also the heat stroke prevention enough. I would like understanding and cooperation of neighboring all of you so that infection does not spread toward the advanced age.
 Outbreak of infection is spreading through every generation now. "We avoid 3 dense o" prevents infection including "thorough ventilation" "wearing of hand-washing and mask" sequentially without which generation stopping paying attention, and measures for prevention, please.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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