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The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi's message for citizens at the end of the emergency declaration period

Final update date March 26, 2021

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Message text

 Yokohama citizens
 My name is Fumiko Hayashi.

 On March 21, the emergency declaration period ended. For two and a half months, I would like to thank all the citizens who have worked hard, including medical staff, welfare facilities, nursery schools, schools, etc. Thank you.
 In response to this, Yokohama City will gradually ease restrictions such as facility use and event holding. Until April 21, the use time of the citizen use facility will be until 21:00 in principle, and the maximum number of events hosted by the city will be 10,000 and the holding time will be until 21:00.

 The number of new infections with the new coronavirus in Yokohama has reached 294 in the last week. It has decreased significantly compared to 2,723 people a week in mid-January, the highest ever.
 Of the inpatients, four are severely ill, 2% of the total, 40 are moderate, 16%, and the remaining 82% are 205 for mild and non-symptomatic. There are 103 positive patients hospitalized on beds in the city, and the occupancy rate of beds is 18.7%.

 In order to regain our peaceful daily life and the bustle of the city, we must avoid rebounding the number of infected people at all.
 In order to further enhance the medical provision system, Yokohama City has increased the number of beds for positive patients from 500 beds to 550 beds, and has secured 200 beds to accept patients who suspect corona such as fever. We are also cooperating with national monitoring inspections and conducting screening inspections of variables.
 Vaccinations that protect your life will finally begin in the elderly facilities from the week of April 12. Also, group vaccination is scheduled to start on May 17. This vaccination coupons will be shipped in order from the end of April to those over the age of 80. In order to ensure that vaccinations are carried out smoothly and with peace of mind, simulations to confirm vaccination procedures will be carried out sequentially at group vaccination vaccination is carried out smoothly and with peace of mind.

 Businesses are facing difficulties that have never been experienced before due to prolonged short-term requests. Yokohama City has supported a total of more than 50,000 businesses through funding support through system financing, shopping streets, lump-sum payments to small businesses, and capital investment subsidies for infectious disease control. . We will continue to support everyone in need of the Korona disaster in cooperation with support organizations in the city.

 I would like citizen's all of you to thoroughly implement basic infectious disease measures without losing your mind. Please refrain from unnecessary and urgent outings, especially after 21:00. We hope that you will have a small number of dinners as much as possible, refrain from graduation trips and welcome and farewell parties that increase the risk of infection, and do not have a cherry blossom viewing banquet.
 Businesses should cooperate in short-term business hours and event restrictions until 21:00 at restaurants, etc., and 70% reduction in the number of employees.

 The budget for fiscal 2021 was established yesterday. Yokohama City will further accelerate its countermeasures and make every effort to further advance Yokohama with the highest priority on "strengthening infectious disease countermeasures" and "realization of economic revival". Thank you very much.

The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi Signature

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