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Message for citizen's all of the emergency declaration with procession from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama

Last update date January 12, 2021

Video (there is sign language)

The message whole sentence

 Yokohama citizens
 It is forest of the mayor.
 Yesterday, "emergency declaration" was delivered among Tokyo and 3 prefectures including Kanagawa by country.
 As a result, Yokohama-shi has use of citizen of the use time of providing equipment from January 12 to principle 20:00. In addition, event hosted by city judges the held right or wrong according to standard that country showed.
 We carry out the infection prevention thoroughly again, and school is not closed in simultaneous temporariness and club activities and event ascertain infection risk and judge. Coming-of-age ceremony planning on January 11 carries out preventive measures against infection thoroughly and holds ceremony in venue and delivers the state online.
 The number of the infected people of new coronavirus in Yokohama-shi becomes 1,173 people in latest one week (from 1 to 7 on January), and high standard continues. Seriously ill person is 29 people, and, among inpatients, 5% of the whole, medium grade symptom are 14% for 83 people. Remaining 81% are 476 in slight illness, no symptom. In addition, 179 beds are used serious case preparing for with medical institution in Yokohama-shi about 500 beds of beds for medium grade symptom, and, as for the rate of operation, it is 35.8%.
 Medical institution of Yokohama-shi cooperates well mutually and cooperates and finds the cause, bed of adjustment of Yokohama-shi infectious disease, medical care adjustment headquarters "Y-CERT" (Y sato). By this cooperation, we balance general practice with treatment of positive patient and are able to maintain the medical care offer system now.
 However, clinical practice is the extremely severe situation. Burden on healthcare workers making power in the front line gets heavier and heavier as it is when expansion of infection continues. Each us carries out infectious disease measures thoroughly to maintain the medical offer system in future without stopping paying attention, and it is important above all to control outbreak of new infected person.
 We would like to citizen's all of you some other time.

  • We refrain from going out except case necessary for life particularly non-pivot non-sudden going out of after 20:00, please wait.
  • When you entered social gathering, a great number of people with drinking and eating and drinking for long time, conversation without mask, cohabitation in small space, rest room, smoking area, locker room, infection risk avoids increasing "five scenes", and please cooperate with teleworking and staggered office hours.
  • Please carry out preventive measures against basic infection including "wearing of mask" "brisk hand-washing" "to avoid 3 dense o" "ventilation of the room" thoroughly sequentially.
  • You have new adults participating in coming-of-age ceremony cooperate with preventive measures against infection, and please restrain yourself from the dinner before and after ceremony.

 We would like to all of the companies.

  • Please cooperate with matter demanded by conduct policy of country, the prefecture including held limit of reduction of working hours business and event until 20:00 such as restaurants.
    In addition, in reference to guidelines according to type of industry, I would like thorough preventive measures against infection.
  • For "70% reduction of the number of the people of attendance", please further push forward approach that telework and rotation duty, dense o at the time of commuting, working including flextime prevent.

 Yokohama-shi will look after life and living of citizen's all of you in cooperation with country and prefecture, all of the medical institutions in future. Under the emergency declaration, we organize the special system of Y-CERT (Y sato) where doctor is resident. We carry out revised budget of "living, economic measure" well and further enhance corresponding team which we raised for inoculation start of vaccine.
 We cooperate together to reach day of declaration cancellation as soon as possible, and to be able to regain our daily life, and let's go through this difficulty. We would like.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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