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Message for citizen's all of you about new coronavirus infectious disease on reaching Golden Week from Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama

Last update date April 23, 2020


The message whole sentence

 Yokohama citizens
 It is Fumiko Hayashi of the mayor.

 Emergency declaration is announced and I receive cooperation from self-restraint and infection prophylaxis of going out every day and sincerely offer my gratitude for citizen's all of you.

 Most of infected people are asymptomatic, or new coronavirus infectious disease is mild, but it features elderly person and person with underlying disease to be easy to be aggravated. In addition, there is case which even young people and child aggravate and can be never careless.

 We reach long holidays of May soon. It is usually time when many people go out by homecoming or sightseeing.
 We think that many of you spends days in stress by stops of event for going out self-restraint and temporary closure of school until now.
 However, unfortunately infection still spreads. It has not led to 80% reduction yet at contact opportunity with people either. Your each person's action is connected in protecting society protecting important person following command.
 Even if it is neighborhood, let alone outing, you restrain yourself from non-pivot non-sudden going out, and please cooperate with "contact opportunity 80% reduction with people". "Sealing" with high infection risk "crowd" "is close", and please take action to avoid this place with three. And we repeat enforcement of "brisk hand-washing" "cough etiquette" and would like.

 By concentrating power of citizen's all of you, can suppress expansion of infection by all means.
 We cooperate by all means, and let's go through this difficulty.

Fumiko Hayashi The Mayor of Yokohama signature

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