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The mayor comment (May 25, 2020) about basic correspondence policy (prompt resumption, the graded reopening of school education such as facilities) after emergency declaration cancellation

Last update date May 26, 2020

 About new coronavirus, emergency declaration for 5 capital way prefectures including Kanagawa is canceled today without waiting for time limit and the done end of May.
 For seven weeks, we sincerely offer my gratitude for cooperation of citizen's all of you, all of the companies, devoted effort of healthcare workers some other time after emergency declaration was delivered on April 7.
 We faced situation that nobody experienced until now called emergency declaration. For new living new every day, we want to work with citizen, all of the companies from now on.

 Basic correspondence policy of Yokohama-shi that received cancellation of emergency declaration is "to turn prevention and society economic activities of infection spread in two wheels to create new daily life of citizens". It receives cancellation of declaration, and it will push forward approach at two pillars of "pushing forward aggressive support toward recovery of economic activities based on policies of country, the prefecture" "to reopen early after having carried out infection measures thoroughly about business, service of city".

 We reopen immediately on after June 1 until now after having taken perfect infection measures based on policy and notice of country, the prefecture, concrete guidelines about closing and cancellation, the citizen's use facility and citizen service that we postponed, event hosted by city.
 About city school, we carry out "dispersion school attendance" "short time class" from June 1 and reopen progressively. Summer vacation shortens and becomes school administration unlike usual this year. As primarily Yokohama-shi thinks about student, elementary school student, and teachers of school support protectors with every effort, we will try hard together.

 Infection measures of store and various companies will push forward activity that citizen cooperated. For example, about pro-eating and drinking facility, we will support enlightenment activity and infection measures in cooperation with mall, restaurant association.
 In addition, about pro-entertainment facilities such as movie theater or live house, we want to examine concrete policy through talks with all of the companies.
 Kanagawa is going to remove closure request without distinction between type of industry assuming company taking preventive measures against appropriate infection based on guidelines according to type of industry. Yokohama-shi cooperates with the prefecture well and it is smooth and will cope well.

 Yokohama-shi settled revised budget to be 769.4 billion yen on record-high 574.3 billion yen, business scale as "living, economic measure" this month. "Keeping living of 3.75 million citizens" is three pillars of "we keep vitality of Yokohama", and "protecting medical care with citizen" is pushing forward approach now.
 Furthermore, toward City Counsil of June, we examine "living, economic measure" that stood on new model coronavirus infectious disease measures that prepared for the second wave and the second revised budget of country. We work on review of active utilization of public funds included in the second revision and 2020 business to secure resources of that purpose.
 Specifically, about business not to advance anymore according to cancellation and the schedule including the Olympics Paralympics allied enterprise, we decide to reserve the budget execution. In addition, there is little influence on civic lives and reviews the execution method including postponement and stop about business that is not high in the need to work on promptly.
 We grasp the actual situation well what you expect from all of headquarters what all of citizen, the companies is having trouble with now and want to have you consider. We secure resources by business review and, to citizen and all of the companies needing support, develop measure to arrive quickly surely.

 By cancellation of declaration, setting duty of city task force based on special measures law disappears. However, virus does not completely end, and the second wave may be caused. Therefore we maintain the city task force system. Yokohama-shi becomes as one sequentially and looks after life and living of citizen's all of you with every effort. We would like all of headquarters.

 The number of the outbreak of new positive patient in the city was zero today. You must avoid being seized with number of one one, but today's number thinks that cooperation of citizens contributes to the fact.
 For the second wave coming as Yokohama-shi, we will fix enough medical systems in future. Current economic conditions are very serious. Economy stops when we continue too restraining ourselves. If economy does not turn around, it does not manage daily livings of citizen's all of you, too. Yokohama-shi must meet policy of the prefecture which removed closure without getting snagged on type of industry. Yokohama-shi puts social economic activities on recovery track and creates new daily life as soon as possible.
 Please last, but is in citizen's all of you. We have you perform approach to protect you by all means, and we support approach of prevention of infection, and Yokohama-shi comes. Let's go through this difficulty together. Thank you for your cooperation.

The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi

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(PDF: 1,067KB), please identify Yokohama-shi new model coronavirus task force meeting materials about response to new coronavirus infectious disease that received cancellation of emergency declaration.

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