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Message from The Mayor of Yokohama, Fumiko Hayashi Message for Welfare Workers Related to New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases

Final update date April 30, 2021

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Message text

 Employees of welfare facilities and welfare service businesses
 My name is Fumiko Hayashi.

 The third emergency declaration has been issued for the Tokyo and Kansai areas, and the spread of new coronavirus infection is increasing throughout the country. The target area of "Priority measures such as spread prevention" in the prefecture is applied to 6 cities in addition to 3 designated cities including Yokohama City, and for restaurants from 28th.Liquor(I'll stop providing) all day.

 The number of new positive patients in Yokohama city in the last week was 670, 1.3 times that of the previous week, and the increasing trend is remarkable. The proportion of infected people due to mutations is also increasing in the prefecture, and has a strong sense of crisis.
 Yokohama City will do its utmost to ensure that all those who wish to receive vaccinations, which are the decisive factors for infectious disease control, can be vaccinated with peace of mind.
 Vaccinations started from facilities for the elderly were given 5,050 times at 31 facilities from the start of April 12 to the 25th. In the future, we will proceed with 400 to 500 facilities in May. In addition, we introduce medical institutions that can cooperate with facility vaccination.

 Yokohama City will continue to support elderly people, people with disabilities, etc. who are involved in welfare facilities and welfare service businesses, and those involved in childcare and education for children. A total of 2,737 million yen will be included in the budget for this fiscal year, and we will support the prevention of infection and the continued operation of facilities.
 In the case of nursing care and disability welfare service establishments, subsidies such as disinfection costs and labor costs when positive patients occur were used at many establishments last year. In addition to continuing this support this year, we will also support the cost of PCR inspection for those newly entering nursing homes.
 Last year, more than 90% of the facilities used subsidies for the purchase of sanitary products and personnel expenses for daily infectious disease countermeasures at childcare and educational facilities. In addition, in order to support childcare facilities that have been closed due to the occurrence of positive patients, the city subsidizes the cost of indoor disinfection and measures to prevent recurrence up to 750,000 yen. In addition to these, this year, we will also provide assistance such as the cost of introducing a new business system utilizing ICT to reduce the burden on working people.
 Going forward, we will continue to take time to provide meticulous support.

 For more than a year, we have been paying close attention to tension and anxiety, including measures against infectious diseases, health management of users, support for families, and medical treatment for positive patients. We have you do your best, such as having you support. Your strong sense of mission and efforts protect the lives and daily lives of users and support the healthy growth of children. Thank you very much.
 Yokohama City will take all possible measures and do its best to stop the spread of infection. However, in order to protect the daily lives of users and children with a smile, we need your help.
 There's no rain. I would like to overcome this fourth wave with you. Thank you very much.

The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi Signature

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