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Information for citizens (related to new coronavirus infection)

 In this page, we publish information (support menu, consultation counter) for citizens about new coronavirus infectious disease.

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Support menu (for citizens)

List of support menus (for citizens)

(Updated on April 2) A list of support measures for citizens is provided. Please download and use it.

Benefits and Loans

For workers of small and medium-sized enterprises who were closed due to a new coronavirus infection, those who could not receive wages (leave allowance's new coronavirus infection were provided with new coronavirus infection support leave and benefits. Will be paid.

It is provided when a member of the National Health Insurance is infected with a new coronavirus infection or has symptoms such as fever and is suspected of being infected, and is closed to the company, etc., and cannot receive sufficient salary from the employer.

It is paid when a member of the medical system for elder senior citizens is infected with a new coronavirus infection or has symptoms such as fever and is suspected of being infected, and the company is closed and cannot receive sufficient salary from the employer. You.

Based on the effects of the new coronavirus infection, each ward Council of Social Welfare provides a special loan for those who are worried about living funds due to leave of absence or unemployment.

For workers whose income has decreased due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, we have implemented a special loan that can be used with interest of 1.0% (separate guarantee fee 0.7 to 1.2%).

Information on various support systems and links to information sites that students can use.

Employment and employment support

The economic situation worsens due to the expansion of the new coronavirus infection, and the prevention of infection and the support of citizens' lives in order to stabilize the lives of those who have lost their jobs in the city due to dismissal, suspension of employment, cancellation of job offer, etc. We entrust new duties to city small and medium-sized enterprises or create employment opportunity of temporary connection to the next employment by Motoichi hiring directly.

We accept employment consultations to support early employment for those who have lost their jobs due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection. (Free web consultation available)

We are accepting labor consultations related to the new coronavirus. (Free)

About securing housing

We publish news from Yokohama-shi about expansion of target of payment of house securing benefit to be paid when we lost house by job separation and business closure or are at risk of losing.

We accept consultations on housing from those who are having difficulty securing housing. (Free)

We will temporarily provide Municipal Housing City temporarily provided to those who have difficulty in securing their homes due to dismissal due to the expansion of the new coronavirus infection.

We will raise the upper limit of rent reduction assistance for owners of "safety net housing with rent assistance" where those who have reduced income move in, and reduce the burden of rent for residents.

Repayments and reductions in utility charges

We are consulting about postponements for those who have difficulty paying due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.

We publish about grace system in city tax for one where tax payment is difficult by influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.

If you have difficulty reporting income tax, gift tax, or personal business consumption tax within the deadline, you may be allowed to extend the filing deadline.

We publish about postponement of water rate, sewerage system usage fee for one where payment is temporarily difficult by influence of new coronavirus infectious disease.

If it becomes difficult to pay insurance premiums due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, the National Health Insurance premium may be reduced.

Long-term Care Insurance Premium Prefecture may be exempted if it becomes difficult to pay insurance premiums due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.

Information on how to apply for a temporary exemption if it becomes difficult to pay National Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin)'s insurance due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.

If you have difficulty paying for electricity or gas, you may be deferred.

If you have difficulty paying the communication fee, you may be deferred.

The fee for issuing certificates required for procedures such as financing, lending, and various support systems accompanying the expansion of the new coronavirus infection is free.

For all tax certificates applied for the purpose of financing and lending related to the new coronavirus infection, various support systems, etc., the issuance fee for certificates will be reduced and free.

Consultation counter (for citizens)

For details on the "Infectious Disease Call Center (Returnee / Contact Center)", see the page on "Consultation Desk for New Coronavirus Infectious Diseases (Call Center)".

Other consultation desks, mental health

Kanagawa Prefecture has established the LINE official account "New Corona Countermeasure Personal Support (Administrative)". By making friends with your account and entering your own condition, you can receive information on the new coronavirus according to your condition.

We accept free consultation for children, such as parent-child relationships, family concerns, and concerns about raising children using LINE.

With the measures against the new coronavirus infection, my life has changed completely, and I think that my family has more time to spend at home. Under such circumstances, are there many concerns and concerns about family, parent-child relationships, and child care? Don't hold it alone, please consult.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, we are consulting on concerns about infection with the new coronavirus infection, medical treatment, and mental problems such as stress caused by waiting life.

In Kanagawa Prefecture, we have set up a dedicated telephone consultation service for medical institutions and welfare facility workers who are responding to new coronavirus infection patients.

It summarizes tips for maintaining mental health, such as mental changes that can occur in recuperation life and how to deal with them.

Now that we need to switch to a new lifestyle, various changes may occur in our mind and body. Here are some tips for maintaining mental health.

Changes in life, such as self-restraint, may increase the intake of alcohol and drugs. People with dependence problems have earned points to be aware of in their daily lives.

We publish about consultation counter about mental health in Yokohama-shi.

We are consulting on various issues that youth and their families have. (Free)

We provide comprehensive consultation for puberty and adolescents and their families. (Free, e-mail consultation available)

We accept various consultations from children and young people in Kanagawa Prefecture (generally up to 39 years old). (Free)

Information other than the support menu (for citizens)

Infectious Disease Control

In order to prevent infection, basic preventive measures such as "frequent hand washing" and "cough etiquette" are effective. This page summarizes preventive measures for new coronavirus infection.

With the cooperation of the Yokohama City Medical Association, simple sample collection points will be set up at about 10 locations in the city so that those suspected of infection can undergo a PCR test promptly.

Schools and Nursery Schools (Recruitment and Resumption)

We publish information about reopening of step-by-step educational activities such as elementary schools, junior high schools, high schools, and special support schools in Yokohama City.

We publish about correspondence of after-school business (after-school kids club, special support school is Mako contact school, After-School Care Program Clubs infectious disease countermeasures.

We publish about correspondence such as nursery schools to new coronavirus infectious disease.

Procedures and responses at the ward office ※Excludes contents published in "Support Menu (for citizens)"

The ward office Family Registry Division is very crowded every year from March to May due to procedures related to moving. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please cooperate in mitigating the concentration of congestion. We publish about congestion prediction calendar of ward office moving window (Family Registry Division Registration Section window and transfer procedures by means other than the next agency.

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we will guide you through possible procedures without having to visit the tax office.

We will extend the deadline for filing personal municipal tax and prefectural tax in 2020, which is accepted at each ward office, and will continue to accept municipal tax declarations after Friday, April 17, 2020.

We publish about procedure by mail about medical expenses, single-medical expenses, and procedures by mail related to The Long-term Care Insurance City are posted to preventNational Pension Plan (Kokumin Nenkin), Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment, etc. to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

Citizens' use facilities

We decided correspondence policy of Yokohama-shi about citizen use facilities during emergency declaration announcement period.


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, information on cancellations and postponements of events, meetings, training, etc. hosted and co-hosted by cities and wards is posted. Information will be updated as needed.

For those who are pregnant

We will provide support to pregnant women, such as "virus tests before delivery" and "child care support services" based on the national system so that pregnancy, childbirth and child care can be carried out with peace of mind even in situations where the risk of infectious diseases continues.

For single-parent families

We publish support system and consultation for single-parent families.

For those in need of living

Information on consultation for those who are in trouble with their lives, such as a decrease in income due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection.

Requests for appropriate responses based on correct information

An alert about unknown information on SNS etc. is posted.

Information on human rights abuses and information on human rights consultation desks.

Information on the supply of masks and disinfectants, and information on alerts about toilet paper and tissue paper.

Request for response in the event of a disaster

Evacuation shelters and evacuation sites in the event of a typhoon or major earthquake, the three conditions of "sealed, dense, and close" are likely to be met, and there is a concern that an infection may explode. You.

Other Living Information

Introducing restaurants in the city that take out (take-out) and delivery (delivery / delivery).

As a measure against the new coronavirus, community-based businesses in Yokohama Meister and Yokohama produce and sell cloth masks that make use of their skills.

In responding to the expansion of the new coronavirus infection, we publish warnings from the Consumer Affairs Agency.

We publish news such as approach of spread prevention of infection of Yokohama municipal traffic or change of service with influence of infection spread of new coronavirus.

Suspicious phone calls, e-mails, and visits such as "A new coronavirus is attached to the water pipe, so it costs money to remove it" have been reported in other cities, pretending to be city officials. Please be careful.

At the City Passport Center, extension reception was suspended to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, but this time, necessary measures were taken to prevent the spread of infection, and the system for business continuity was established. , Resume extension reception.

Based on the request for self-restraint to go out due to the announcement of the Emergency Declaration, the validity period of the regular use of the municipal bicycle parking lot has been extended for two months free of charge.

We publish with reference to notes about new coronavirus in apartment.

Living and Economic Measures

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