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Nine capital prefecture city summit meeting emergency messages for extended prevention of new coronavirus infectious disease

Last update date April 1, 2020

 About new coronavirus infectious disease raging now in all parts of the world, 944 (at March 31) patients with infectious disease are confirmed in Tokyo and 3 prefectures, and infection spread in big city becomes remarkable.
 We constitute integral sphere, and there is when it cooperates and works on infectious disease measures with it is nine capital prefectures City that people move regionally every day until now, but we plan more information sharing such as the outbreak situation of patient of infectious disease or the future medical care system to let this situation end early and will work on further cooperation reinforcement.
 In the inhabitants, each one has this situation have sense of crisis and would appreciate your understanding, cooperation about the next points called for from each capital prefecture City.

  1. Based on request of each capital prefecture city, each one, please take appropriate action to prevent explosive increase of the patients with infectious disease.
  2. Please act to avoid place of "bad sealing space of ventilation" "crowd of many people" "conversation in short distance". Particularly, please be careful about places where three conditions that infection risk is high are piled up enough.
  3. Of and symptom not to come out of symptom is light, and there is concern about scattering virus unconsciously. Please write down non-pivot non-sudden going out to crowd in consideration for what you do not transmit toward other generations implication toward the young generation said to that it is hard to be aggravated. In addition, all generations including old and middle age, please refrain from night going out.
  4. When you are ill-conditioned, at first, you talk with consultation counter and family medicine on the telephone, and please take appropriate action.
  5. Based on information from the government and the local government, you leave for the purchase of necessary quantity without being confused by uncertain information as example purchasing food, daily necessities, pharmaceutical products excessively occurs, and please cope calmly.
  6. Including healthcare worker supporting medical care, please support all people and family engaging in new coronavirus measures with every effort.
  7. For the patients with infectious disease or the family, I would like understanding and consideration about protection of human rights and personal information.

April 1, 2020

Nine capital prefecture city summit meetings

  • Chairperson Mayor Kawasaki Norihiko Fukuda
  • Governor of Saitama Motohiro Ono
  • Governor of Chiba Kensaku Morita
  • Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike
  • Governor of Kanagawa Yuji Kuroiwa
  • The Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi
  • Mayor Chiba Toshihito Kumagai
  • Choshimizu, Saitama-shi Yuto
  • Mayor of Sagamihara Kentaro Motomura

About nine capital prefecture city summit meetings

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